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Have you tried Petbar yet fur-friends? 🍖🍸

If not, you’re in for a treat!

Petbar is a new platform for pet owners, pet lovers and pet businesses that has everything you need for your pet built into one easy-to-use app!

Available on Google Play, the App Store and Amazon, it allows you to upload your own content, schedule vet appointments, search for your nearest dog groomer, engage with other users and get your dose of daily cuteness and laughs 🐶❤️

We LOVE the app’s bold and punchy interface and its quirky collection of stickers that turn your photos into fun animations in just one click!

Find Woofda and Barkley on the Petbar app as @two.dulux.dogs and hurry up to claim your very own account name! Follow us on Petbar and let’s explore its amazing features together! 🐶🐾🐶🐾



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