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Hey guys – CJ’s parents here!

In case you missed it – we don’t talk on here much 😜, except when we have good reason to! Recently we stumbled across Petbar – and we are excited!

What is Petbar? Petbar is a platform and social media hub for pet owners, pet lovers and businesses from around the world. It’s a network where pet businesses (eateries, beaches, accommodation and groomers) live and over time will continue to grow and communicate their services with us – pet owners and lovers!

It’s a place where all animal lovers, who own not only dogs and cats but even iguana’s and mice, can feel supported in an environment that truly loves and encourages all things pets.

We love CJ like a son, and we love doing as much with him as possible, so we hope that this app and the community grows, so we will have more resources in there to spend more time out and about with CJ.

The Petbar app is available for free on Google Play, the App Store and Amazon. 

My Petbar username is @Charles_the_British_Bulldog – so come and follow me on the app!



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