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With competitive prices, 100% filler free ingredients and an emphasis on environmental friendliness, it is no wonder Petzyo has grown into the successful business they are today in as little as 7 months! 

How was Petzyo founded?

Petzyo first started because we felt that there was a gap in the pet food market. The majority of pet food brands are controlled by only a few large multinational retailers, and they market their products as being high quality but generally fail to deliver. 

We saw that there was an opportunity to provide better-quality products at a more competitive price. This coupled with the rise of the ‘fur baby’ has made consumers care more about what goes into their pets diet and question filler ingredients. We are passionate about providing filler free food that has a strong focus on being healthy and nutritious, which in turn means a longer and happier healthier life for your fur-friend.

What makes your service stand out?

Our direct to consumer model allows us to deliver better quality, premium pet food, straight to our customers door at a more affordable price. 

We provide customised monthly meal plans for dogs of all sizes, offering either raw or dry food or a combination of both. This addresses pet hates (excuse the pun) such as customers with small dogs having to buy large bags of food or people with large dogs having to lug heavy bags from the store to their home. 

All of our plans are completely flexible and can be managed easily once they are up and running. We give customers the option to skip or change delivery dates if they are on holiday, alternate between raw, dry or mixed plans, increasing or decreasing quantity, add a preferred protein type and they can even add a toy or treat to their order. 

How do you choose the products you sell on your website?

We provide our customers with a one stop shop for everything pooch related. Apart from our meal plans, we recently launched ‘Add To Box’ which provides additional value to our customers. Through this feature we offer a large range of dog treats, grooming, dental chews, toys, pharmaceuticals, and accessory options. 

We carefully select the brands we align with, ensuring they carry similar values to our own. We specifically promote locally owned and Australian businesses that focus on values important to Petzyo, and we like to choose companies that sell products with 100% natural ingredients and businesses that place a priority on being as eco-friendly as possible.  

What is your promise to your customers?

We have a taste satisfaction guarantee on all of our food plan products and the feedback from our customers has been amazing so far, even for the pickiest of eaters. We also offer a refund for any customer who doesn’t like the Petzyo taste.

We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly and reducing the waste that often comes with online purchases. We offer a packaging recuperation program, and have a commitment that 100% of our packing is bio-degradable or recyclable. 

And of course, offering the lowest price possible for premium dog food, and further savings on our ‘Add To Box’ items, are additional promises we pride ourselves on. 

Where do you see the business in 5 years time?

It is very hard to look so far ahead, and just reflecting now on how much has been achieved since opening in Melbourne approximately 7 months ago, it is very difficult to say. We’ve added the ability to ship Australia-wide, developed the ‘Add To Box’ feature, and implemented the recycling recuperation program in this short period of time. 

Over the next few years we want to develop a strong presence in the Australian pet care market. We also want to have the same commitment to our customers as we grow, which is to continue to offer the same service, be competitively priced, and lead the way in environmental excellence.  

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

These days being a pet owner means more than having a domesticated animal at home. Fur babies are now integrated into our lives and they are far more than the silhouette that used to peer through the back-screen door when I was growing up!

Businesses and restaurants are all opening up their doors to owners and their little ones, so I think being a pet owner these days means taking on a greater commitment and responsibility to love, nurture and care for your pet friend. And this isn’t asking for much when you get unconditional love in return!  




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