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Meet Sandra Bader

I have always been fascinated by the loyalty and devotion dogs have to their owners. Compared to many other animals, dogs have an inherent need for companionship, attachment, and affection, very similar to our own human needs. This allows us to bond with our dogs on a very intimate level and is the catalyst for beautiful connections and friendships. At the same time, our domesticated dogs are hugely dependent on us for safety, nutrition, exercise and care.  As humans we have a wide range of options to treat our aches, pains and injuries including more holistic bodywork modalities such as therapeutic and remedial massage therapy. Dogs, on the other hand, rely solely on us to provide them with the best care possible. 

I first became interested in physical therapy for dogs while I was working as a remedial massage therapist for humans. At the time I noticed that my own dog, Chito, displayed very similar symptoms to us humans when muscular imbalances were present. These included stiffness, tightness, pain, irritability and sometimes even a lack of energy. As a strong advocate for natural approaches, I generally seek out the least invasive method to address any present issues. Moreover, my experience has taught me that if the source of a problem is not addressed the discomfort and pain that results from stiffness and tightness, and particularly muscle injuries, will not be resolved in the long term. My own knowledge of how soft tissue imbalances and injuries effect performance and recovery in humans led me to tackle Chito’s problem from a more holistic approach. This was the early beginning and the birth of Paws4Paws.

One and a half years later, after acquiring the appropriate qualification as a Canine Myofunctional Therapist and building my business profile, I finally launched Paws4Paws in early 2015. The last four years have been extremely rewarding. I have witnessed some remarkable recoveries, often when dog owners have exhausted all other conventional modalities. I have also enabled the elderly and often arthritic dogs to experience their last few years with less discomfort and pain. My tri-pawd clients have benefited in countless ways ranging from relieving sore and tight muscles, due to overcompensation, to strengthening core stability and balance. And many of my highly strung and anxious clients have become more relaxed and calm over time.

Chito also bounced back to his old happy self and has been nothing but a source of inspiration, joy and emotional support for me during this incredible journey of building and growing Paws4Paws into what it is today.  

Chito and me 1.jpg

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