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Jima Tofu

What does Tofu mean to you? 

Everything! She is like a child to me and she brings me so much happiness and joy. I couldn’t imagine my life without Tofu. 

Why did you decide on that name? 

The names Jima and Tofu came to me while I was devouring yet another packet of Jimami Tofu in Okinawa, which I am obsessed with. 

My partner and I had planned for a very long time to eventually have two dogs but we were unsure about what we would name them, and right at that moment we thought Jima and Tofu would be just perfect.

As silly as this might sound, it is very meaningful to us as Okinawa is also one of our favourite holiday destinations and we even plan to have our wedding ceremony there one day.

What do you think it means to be a pet owner? 

Be prepared to have a lifestyle change! Being a pet owner means that you are responsible for another living being and you need to learn to be patient, especially with silly dogs like Tofu, for the rest of your pets life.

If you could ask Tofu one question, what would it be and why? 

Would you choose me or chicken? Na, just kidding. I would ask Tofu if she likes being my fur-child and if I’m a good mother. 

What opportunities has Tofu’s social media account created for you?

The origin and main goal for Tofu’s account was to have a visual platform to watch her grow and follow her journey. It has also become a great way for me to look back at some of the precious memories we have shared together, because they grew up way too fast. 

There have been so many opportunities, collaborations and invites that we have received from the account. It has also been a great way to get involved in a larger community of other dog obsessed mums like myself. I also feel like I’ve gone from an absolute Instagram amateur to a pro, which is a plus! 




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