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Is Your Dog Bored?

You are the main source of entertainment when it comes to caring for your dog. You dictate when they play, eat, exercise, go to the vet, attend appointments and you schedule in all other important events in their lives. 

Because of this, it is important to keep your pets both mentally and physically stimulated to avoid them becoming bored. Boredom can lead to depression, separation anxiety and other serious issues, so it is crucial for your dogs well-being to understand and know the signs of boredom and how to cure it.


If your dog is chewing on objects around your house, being super hyper-active and greeting you with more energy than usual, then alarm bells should ring, as this is one of the most common signs of boredom. Taking your dog for a walk or for a run at the park is strongly encouraged! 


Digging is something dogs do for fun to burn off excess energy them have. If you have noticed that your dog is digging up holes all around the backyard, then they are definitely bored.


Have you noticed that your dog has been barking more than usual? And at everything and everyone? *ding ding*. Ultimate sign of boredom. 


While apparently random whining can be caused by stress, it can also be caused by boredom. This is a trait most noted in younger dogs and you should definitely take this as a clear sign that they are simply looking for something more exciting to do.


If your dog is being passive aggressive towards other dogs, and even humans, then they probably don’t have a healthy outlet to utilise their energy. This is also a clear sign that your dog is frustrated and fed up from too much boredom and not enough mental and physical stimulation.


If your dog is displaying signs such as excessive licking or they are chewing on their paws, this is another indication that they are short on things to do. 


If your dog is left alone in an enclosed space for a long period of time, then they may try to escape. They can do this by jumping the fence or digging an escape hole. Other serious issues may exist causing your dog to exhibit this behaviour, and it is recommended that you visit a vet to establish why they are behaving this way. 


If your dog is exhibiting any of these behaviours then it is important to discover new ways to give them a healthy outlet to utilise their energy. Ensuring your dog is walked once a day or at least taken outside is extremely important. You should also ensure that they receive enough love and affection on a daily basis and that you play lots of games with them to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. 

Organising puppy play dates is a great way to keep your dog sociable and teaches them how to act in a group environment. Another suggestion is to give your dog two or three of their toys a day, and alternate between toys every morning to keep things exciting and interesting for them. 

You might also consider taking them to a friends house or to a doggy daycare for a short period of time. You can even hire a dog walker to come during the week if you’re busy at work or have other priorities so that your dog doesn’t become restless or too hyper-active. 

Being able to detect these symptoms at their early stages will help resolve and prevent these issues from escalating, and will make finding a solution much easier. Speaking to a vet or professional may be something you consider doing, otherwise giving your dog more love, affection, care, exercise and attention may be just what they need. 


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