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Meet Brittany from Petflair! 

Where did the idea for Petflair originate from?

One of the co-founders Tyler Martin operates a swimwear label called Delfina Sport and he gifted his friend a swimsuit with her dog printed on it as a joke.

She ended up loving it and wearing the swimsuit every chance she had!

After that, Tyler felt excited about the idea of launching this project and approached Charlie Gearside, who is a guru of all things tech, to join the team. 

Petflair Team.jpg

The boys then approached me about getting involved, as I am probably one of the biggest pet lovers they know – and I was all hands in as soon as I heard about their idea!

To date, we have had such a great time combining all of our skills together to help raise awareness about pet adoption, all whilst selling custom-made products that pet owners are just loving! 

Why did you specifically choose to print on towels and bathers?

We are based in Australia and a majority of our time is spent on the beach, so it just seemed appropriate!


Why do you think so many pet owners are now investing in products such as this?

Pet owners share a wonderful companionship and relationship with their pets.

You can always rely on a pet to be there for you and humans are acknowledging this loyalty by showing off their pets every chance they can get.

More and more young couples are even opting to adopt a pet before raising a child!

Plus, there is nothing on this Earth cuter than your own pet, so why wouldn’t you want their image printed on a product which you can show off  😉 


Is there a specific group of people who Petflair products are targeted at?

Predominately pet owners and lovers. But we also target our products towards anybody who feels like a change needs to be implemented in the pet industry.

We encourage all customers to upload a picture of their purchase online with the hashtags #PoundPaws and #AdoptDontShop, as we want to raise awareness about this important issue.

If we can spread this powerful message about adopting in a fun and feel good way then we have succeeded!

Although the message may not be relevant to viewers and readers right now, in the future when they go down the path of wanting a pet, we hope they are well-educated enough to choose to #AdoptDontShop


What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

There is so much to take into consideration before choosing to commit to a pet.

It is important that new pet owners understand that pets are a 10-15 year commitment.

They are not gifts that you can exchange on Valentines Day and they are most importantly, not a ‘fad’ which you purchase because “everybody else has one”.

They will tap into your savings, leave fur on your clothes and even eat out of your trash, but you will love them regardless, because they are a part of your life!

Part of my charity, Pound Paws‘, key message is to educate people about responsible pet ownership, as one of the main reasons for pets ending up in the pound is because owners didn’t realise how much of a commitment they are. 

Being a pet owner, and more importantly, being a responsible pet owner, means giving your pet unconditional love and treating them with lots of respect, like you would any other member of your family. 

What is your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement to date would have to be launching my charity Pound Paws in 2014.

It is a dream to wake up each morning and work on something I feel so passionate about.

And nothing makes me happier then successfully re-homing pets, and then hearing about their ‘Happily Fur-ever After Story’.

Find out more about Petflair at

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