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Riley the Fluffy Cat

Meet Riley the Fluffy Cat. 

What does Riley mean to you?


Literally everything! Riley is a very special and loved member of our family. He is super affectionate and his cuddles make you instantly feel better.

He is always interested in anything you’re doing and he makes such a great companion. 

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility.

They certainly won’t look after themselves and they often like to chew, bite and claw up anything they can get their paws on.

So you definitely have to be prepared if you are going to adopt a pet.

However, the unconditional love and affection you receive from your fur baby is absolutely worth it. Even if you have to keep buying new phone chargers because they’ve all been chewed. 😂 




If you could ask Riley one question, what would it be and why?

Sometimes on his Instagram @rileythefluffycat I post videos of me singing to him. So I’d probably ask him if he actually likes my voice or if he finds it annoying!

What is the story behind adopting/ buying Riley?

We were actually at the Royal Australian Easter Show and I spotted this beautiful Birman, who turned out to be Riley’s dad.

We got talking to the breeder and she had some kittens for sale.

So we went and saw the kittens and I instantly fell in love with Riley. I had never seen a kitten so small and he was so cute and fluffy!




What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

Petbar is a great platform to interact with other pet owners, and it is also an easy way to find pet shops near you!

What is the cheekiest thing Riley has ever done?

Riley is always doing silly things but one of the cheekiest things he has done was when he was a kitten and he chewed through my laptop charger cord right before stealing a slice of pizza off my plate. 

Thankfully he has grown out of chewing every cord in sight, but as for the pizza I still have to keep an eye on him. 😂 





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