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Furry Gourmet

How did you come up with the idea for Furry Gourmet? 

We tested our nutritionally balanced human-grade whole food for dogs on lots of different fur-babies we know. And because our products look and smell so good a fur-mum made a comment to us that “it’s Furry Gourmet”.

And we all laughed…and then recovered and were like, but seriously…


Where to from here?

We are currently stocked in small deli-style supermarkets and boutique pet grooming salons in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
But we would love to take our gourmet food nationwide!
 Harvey 3rd birthday beefcake.jpg

What do you think it means to be a pet owner? 

I look forward to hanging out with my pets every day. They are my family.

Why do you think so many people are now splurging on and spoiling their pets?

I think it’s because pets are so much more appreciated these days, and people are far more responsible about pet ownership than they were 20 years ago.
This is displayed in social media as well, such as when animal shelters campaigned heavily last year for people to de-sex their pets and not give puppies away as Christmas presents.
People spoil their pets in different ways, and all pets deserve treats – and not the sugary rubbish treats we give our human offspring – but good whole foods that they will enjoy and ones that are good for them. And this is definitely one of the reasons why I started my business. 

How do you create new ideas and recipes for Furry Gourmet? 

We have nutritionists and medical staff helping us ensure we get the bio-science right. Then we think of recipes we like to cook at home, and try to replicate them as pet-friendly treats.
We like to include seeds, grains and vegetables, eggs and meat in different combinations of foods to give a dog what it needs to be healthy.

What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

I love Petbar TV and watching so many cute furries doing what they do!
Find out more at



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