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Harley and Chloes World

Meet Harley and Chloe.


Why did you decide to start @HarleyandChloesWorld? 

I started @HarleyandChloesWorld because I wanted to document my day to day life working as a Rover dog sitter, as well as show off my two dogs Harley and Chloe!
I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing dogs and owners who I get to work with regularly. I luckily almost always have a new client every week and every dog is different and has a unique personality, so I love being able to talk about them individually and showcasing on Instagram what awesome silly dogs they are!
I also enjoy being able to talk about my own dogs and show off their amazing personalities and their silly quirks! 


If you could ask them one question, what would it be and why?

First off I would ask them if they like their food and then I would probably ask them why they hate the vet. 
What do Harley and Chloe mean to you?
Harley and Chloe mean the whole world to me.
My life wouldn’t be as happy or as joyful as it is without them because the truth is, they can make any day absolutely amazing, no matter how bad it is.
They always greet me with licks, booping noses, hugs and jumps every time I come through the door. Even if I leave to quickly throw out the trash!
They are the epitome of unconditional love and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them in my life. 


What is the silliest thing they have ever done?

The silliest thing Chloe’s ever done, and still does, is her habit of scratching/booping her nose on Harley’s butt. It’s silly to even type but it’s true. 😂 
She just does it randomly and it’s hilarious because she’s so much shorter than Harley, so she’s essentially jumping/walking on her hind legs behind Harley scratching his butt until she’s decided she’s had enough! 
And the silliest thing Harley’s ever done was when she was about five-months-old and she decided to tear apart my air mattress while we were moving. I only left her in the room for about 10 minutes and I came back to find her jumping and biting at the air mattress and she was having the time of her life!
She still jumps on my bed like that, but luckily she hasn’t ripped into my mattress yet! 

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

Being a pet owner means you will always be greeted with wagging tails, lots of kisses and love! It is so beautiful knowing that this animal looks forward to spending everyday with you.

Being a pet owner is making a commitment to do everything you can for your pets so that they can be happy. It also means providing them with unconditional love, friendship, happiness and lots and lots of memories.

What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

My favourite feature by far is Petbar TV.  

I love how easy it is to watch a variety of entertaining videos all on the one screen!



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  1. Great story. And your dogs look so chilled and happy. I too started my blog about my chocolate Labrador Dudley and have managed to write 30 stories about him to date and still I have more to add. They are just so funny and need chronicling at every opportunity possible……

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