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The Real Dog Mums of Brisbane

Meet the Real Dog Mums of Brisbane.

What inspired you to start the Real Dog Mums of Brisbane?

I wanted to create a community where women could bond over the insane amount of love they felt for their fur babies, whilst supporting the businesses that were embracing this new paw-rent culture that is emerging!

I also thought it was important to support businesses who not only let us bring our pups, but make us feel welcome and at home. I was regularly googling and calling venues to see if I could bring Baxter and Luna with me.

And one day I thought to myself…wouldn’t it be amazing if there was one place that I could visit to find a list of dog-friendly places in Brisbane? And ones with honest reviews?

Thus, RDMOB was born 😊

Who else is in your group?

I run the account solo however I feel as though every single one of my followers are in the group ❤  

The ladies in our private Facebook group ask each other for recommendations for the best vets, groomers, cafes and restaurants and insurance companies.

They also help each other find puppy sitters, sell and giveaway items and organise small play dates at their local dog parks with mums who live in the area… even though they have never even met. It truly is amazing!

We are building a beautiful community and I couldn’t be more excited. 

How do you choose the places you want to feature?

My aim is to share photos and reviews of dog-friendly businesses!

I check out their Instagram accounts to see if they share photos of dogs and check to see if they run dog events or have dog food and beverages on their menu.

I also get a lot of recommendations from our followers.

When I visit these venues I pay particular attention to how they react to the dogs and see how accommodating they are. For example, I notice whether or not they have water bowls outside.

I believe we vote with our dollar for the kind of world we want to live in and I want to help create a world where my fur babies are truly welcome anywhere and everywhere I go. 

Why did you decide to start a social media account?

Who doesn’t love photos of cute dogs! 😂 

I wanted to build a community on a platform where women can share photos and make the most of this beautiful city that embraces fur babies!

I also believe that it is a great way to encourage others to get out and about.

If we want to live in a world where our pups are welcome, we need to show businesses that the demand is there. 

What opportunities have arisen since you first started your account?

The most amazing part so far has been the amount of amazing women I have connected with, who have embraced the idea for what it is.

We all obsess over our dogs together while eating tasty food or drinking coffee and wine, so it has been a great experience to say the least. It’s beautiful to see the friendships that have formed amongst our followers.

And a range of other opportunities have also arisen! For instance, I was invited to a special screening of Isle of Dogs to review the movie before it was released to the public. 

I have also had businesses contact me to attend puppy play dates and restaurants and cafes have gifted me with complimentary meals, that I then review and feature.

Just today I was contacted by a journalist from a well-known newspaper and they invited me to be featured in a story.

It’s so exciting to see that my vision is being embraced by so many people!


What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

I can honestly say that it has been the most humbling experience of my life.

To have two pure little souls that rely on me for everything is extremely grounding and when things in my life don’t make sense, I still have the daily routine of taking care of them to focus on.

In contrast, when things in my life are going well, they add to my joy.

Being a pet owner, or in my case a pawrent, means receiving and giving unwavering loyalty, unconditional love and true companionship, each and every day without fail.

It’s pretty special and I make a conscious effort to never take it for granted.


If you live in Brisbane and you want to join our community, please follow us on Instagram @therealdogmumsofbrisbane and join our private FB group The Real Dog Mum’s of Brisbane – because we would love to meet you! 

Make sure to check out our Calendar on our website where we share dog friendly events and upcoming catch ups-<>





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