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Pickles the Bearded Dragon

Meet Pickles the Bearded Dragon.


What does Pickles mean to you?

To us (Pickles’ parents Karin and Luis), Pickles is our baby. He is the first thing on our minds in the morning and the last thing we think about at night. 

What is involved in caring for a Bearded Dragon? 

In many pet stores Bearded Dragons are categorized as beginner pets, but they are definitely not!
It takes a lot of care, time and attention to care for one.
We start our day off by making Pickles a nice salad with greens, peppers and some worms. He especially loves black soldier flies!
And then we need to give him a bath twice a week with warm water, which helps relax him. You would be surprised how much they enjoy water… sometimes he even drinks it. 


What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

It is a big responsibility! But in the end it’s a responsibility that comes with happiness and you are rewarded with the special bond you get to create with your pet.


What is the cheekiest thing he has ever done?

One time we took him out of his cage and Pickles decided to hide under the couch and take a nap there. It took us a couple of hours to find him peacefully resting while we were worried sick! 

If you could ask Pickles one question, what would it be and why? 

We would ask him if he likes kisses!

What opportunities have arisen since creating a social media account for Pickles?

Not many opportunities have arisen, but we have had the privilege of sharing advice with other Bearded Dragon owners! And we love sharing the fun daily adventures of Pickles with our followers.

What do you love most about Petbar?

It is a special app for pet owners where we can share more of Pickles’ stories and meet new Beardies!


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