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Bat the Conure

Meet Bat the Conure. 

What does Bat mean to you?

To me, Bat is a family member, a close friend, and I see him as a service pet. He is very funny, full of life and so sweet. Even when I am having a bad day at school, I come home and see his face and he makes me forget all my worries.

What is involved in caring for a bird?

Taking care of Bat requires a lot of time, patience and love.

We start his day by taking him out of his cage around 11 am. Any earlier, he is too tired and gets grumpy.

We then make his favourite breakfast, which is a sweet potato and blueberry mash.

After that meal, he eats his Zupreem natural and fruit blend pellets. He loves to dip the pellets in water to soften it up, so having his food and water bowl close by is imperative.

He interchanges between his pellets and his nutriberries all day, with maybe some broccoli, cauliflower and peanuts.

Throughout the day, he loves to be cuddled and held and he loves his head scratches!

In the afternoon, he doesn’t usually get very hungry. This is around the time we would do some flight training with him and treat him with sunflower seeds. This way he’s able to sleep at night easier. 

Sometimes, he is put back into his cage for an hour nap.

And around 7-8pm is Netflix time, so this is when we put on a kids show for Bat and get some work of our own done while his attention is focused on the screen. 

By 10-11pm, it is bedtime and we are not allowed to forget his goodnight kisses!


What made you choose the name Bat?

We actually never chose the name Bat. The pet store that we bought him from named him Bat. And they had him in their store for almost a year.

One of the workers told us that he is familiar with point training and he recognises and responds well to his name.

So we decided to keep his name and found it fitting since he always hangs upside down in his cage to relax, eat, and sometimes sleep (like a bat)!



What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

I love how you not only get to see a wide variety of amazing animals, but you also get to interact with and learn about their equally amazing owners.

On other social media platforms, there is often a separation between pet accounts and the owners of that pet. But on Petbar, you have access to both and its great to see the faces behind the people running these accounts. 

Personally, we love getting to know our followers and meet members in the bird community.

And another amazing thing about Petbar is the connection and relationship the app builds and encourages between pet owners around the globe!

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

I think that being a pet owner means having the capacity, ability, and resources to take care of a pet that needs your constant attention and care.

Many people think that pets are just additions to your house for everyone to have fun with but pets are so much more. They are an addition to your family.

They are a forever plus one.

Even when they have passed, they will forever be in your heart and mind. 

Being a pet owner is a blessing and I always advise potential pet owners to not take advantage of your connection with your pet, because animals know where sincere love and compassion exists. 

And when you have found that connection with an animal, you can never let them go!




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