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Life with Pinky the Pig

Meet Pinky the Pig. 

What does Pinky mean to you?

Pinky is more than just a pet to me, she is a special member of the family! She means the world to me. 

What is involved in caring for a pig?

Caring for a pig is very different from caring for a dog or cat. Pigs are very intelligent, but they can also be very stubborn at times. So caring for a pig includes having to train them. You also have to establish dominance, or they will pretty much do whatever they want. 
Another important consideration in caring for Pinky is her skin care regime. Pigs have naturally dry skin, so I give her coconut oil as a treat and also rub coconut oil on her body after she’s been given a bath. This really helps keep her skin stay hydrated. 
Overall, caring for a pig is great and Pinky is very sweet and loving. She loves snuggles, and giving your pet as much love as possible is one of the most important parts involved in caring for them! 

Why did you call her Pinky?

I had a hard time deciding on a name for her, but I thought Pinky would be cute because it’s boujee just like her!
Also, when people think of pigs they imagine your typical pink pig.
But Pinky is brown, so it’s a little comical. Pinky the brown pig. 

If you could be any pet, what would you be and why?

If I could be any pet I would probably be a mini pig because of how smart they are!
They’re also very fast and can pretty much eat anything, even the occasional piece of chocolate when it falls on the floor. 

What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

I really enjoy Petbar TV! I think it’s so cute and entertaining watching videos of pets doing their thing and enjoying life! 

What made you decide to start a social media account for Pinky?

I started an account for Pinky on Instagram to share her everyday life adventures with others in hopes of making people smile! 


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