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Autumn Winter Bunny

Meet Autumn and Winter.

What do Autumn and Winter mean to you?

Autumn and Winter mean the world to me. I couldn’t imagine my life without them!

Why did you choose those names?

I chose the names Autumn and Winter for my pets because they are my two favourite seasons.

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

In my opinion, being a pet owner means caring and loving for an animal and bringing them into your home. It also means making that animal a part of your family and incorporating them into your everyday life.

What is involved in caring for bunnies?

Bunnies are very hard pets to take care of, but are definitely worth it.
Some of my daily tasks include cleaning their litter pan, restocking hay, taking the bunnies out to play, refilling their water and finding fresh veggies for them to eat.
I also groom them and trim their nails.
But the best part of my day is definitely when I come home to two super energetic bunnies who are ready to cuddle and play. 

What is the cheekiest thing they have ever done?

The cheekiest thing Autumn has ever done was sneaking off into the hay bin while I was filling up her water.
And the cheekiest thing Winter continues to do is when I feed her food she really wants, she goes up on her two back paws, raises her two front paws, and slaps the food right out of my hands and chows it down!
What silly bunnies!

What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

My favourite feature on Petbar (if I only had to pick one) would be the ability to create  different profiles for each bunny.
I recommend Petbar to all pet owners and pet lovers out there because it is a unique platform where you can interact and communicate with all of your pet friends!

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