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George the Sausage Dog

Meet George the Sausage Dog. 


What does George mean to you?

George is the best thing ever. I treat him like he’s my child and I spoil him all the time. He has more toys and clothes than me! 
George is not just my responsibility, but my best friend. I spend most of my spare time with him, take him for walks and coffees and dress him up. Although I think I enjoy that last part a little more than he does! 

What is the story behind adopting George?

I have always wanted a Miniature Dachshund ever since I was a little girl.
My mum and I searched for months and eventually one day an advertisement came up online for a tan male Miniature Dachshund in South Australia who was up for adoption. 
Within half an hour my mum and I had driven to the house and adopted George.
And as soon as I laid eyes on him I fell in love and it was the best decision I have ever made. 

What do you think it means to be a pet owner? 

Being a pet owner means treating your pet like family. Sometimes I feel like George is my child! I assert full responsibility for him and try to make his life as good as it can possibly be.

If you could ask George one question, what would it be and why? 

If I could ask George anything, it would be “what is your favourite food” because he literally eats everything!



Why did you make him a social media account?

I made George a social media account because I saw that it was trending at the time and decided that it would be a fun way to share with people all the cute photos and videos we have of him.
It has also been a great platform and way to connect with the family whom we adopted George from, and share photos with them. 

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