Meet Theo. 



What does Theo mean to you?

Theo is part of my family and I can’t imagine what I would do without him.

Sometimes, I can’t even believe that I there was a life before meeting Theo. It’s strange to think that I’ve only had him for less than a year! 


Why did you decide to build a social media account for Theo?

The number one thing that led me to make Theo an Instagram, was the purchase of my Canon Rebel T6.

So to briefly explain, we adopted Theo in November, and in December, my father bought me a Canon as a Christmas present.

I was testing out my camera when the thought struck me – why not make Theo a petfluencer? After taking a few photos of Theo and confirming that he’s a beautiful and gorgeous cat, I started an Instagram account. 


What is the silliest thing he has ever done?

This is a hard one.

I feel like Theo’s personality is just so goofy that I can’t think of any particular moment. Most of the time, he does dumb things that turn out to be really funny.

One time, Theo was out in the yard and I was calling him in from the living room. A bird landed on our tree and was making some noise. All of a sudden, Theo ran at like 150mph up the tree and tried to grab the bird.

Obviously, he failed.

And then he got stuck in the seven-foot tree.

It took thirty minutes to get him down and it ended with me getting an allergic reaction from the tree leaves. And a lot of wasted cat treats.

What opportunities have arisen since building an Instagram account?

Honestly, it’s been such a wild ride these past few months. We’ve gotten so many amazing opportunities to work with Etsy businesses and model their products.

Through these experiences, I’ve gotten to see the hard work and patience that goes on behind the scenes of businesses.

This inspired me and a few other accounts to start up our own influencing business!

It’s called “The Fluff Collective”, and we’re helping smaller businesses and micro-petfluencers increase engagement and promote free products.

I love encouraging this kind of integrity between influencers and their audience; and it’s something I don’t often see in influencing campaigns.


If you could ask Theo one question, what would it be and why?

My one question would ben “why the heck do you always bite my foot?!”

Are your catnip toys and fake birds not enough for you, dear Theo?

Do you not understand how much pain it causes me when I bend over to pet you and you just bite my effing foot?

Oops, that turned out to be three questions. 😂 

What is the story behind adopting him?

We visited our local animal shelter, Friends of the Alameda Animal Shetler (FAAS), in search for a kitten to adopt.

The first time we visited, none of us felt ‘connected’ to any of the cats there. So the next weekend, we went again.

One of FAAS’ volunteers took us around to their ‘kitten cottage’ and we had a look there, too. All of their kittens were super cute and cuddly, but again, we didn’t feel anything.

Finally, that same volunteer took us into a small room with two cats inside. One cage held Theo, and the other held his littermate. As soon as I saw Theo, I knew he was the one we were adopting.

The volunteer handed Theo over for me to hold, and he immediately started purring.

We took him home the next week. 

So a big shoutout and thank you to the team at FAAS!



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