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By Mimi and Chobi

Meet Mimi and Chobi.

Why did you decide to start up a social media account for Mimi and Chobi?

Mimi and Chobi: We’ve asked Mom and Dad that question many times, but very well! We will let them answer…

Jenn and Alv (also known as mom and dad): we decided to start a social network for our babies Mimi and Chobi because we are constantly taking lots of photos of them. Like seriously… way too many!

We wanted to share these photos with a larger group of people, and with the amount of photos we have, we decided that it would be fun to create a profile of their very own.

Their social network is a place for them to share their experiences, create their own unique online identity and make good use of our pile of pictures.

At first we posted images of them as kittens but we decided later on that we wanted to intervene graphically, and create innovative and unique content with the images we had. We decided that this would be a great way to showcase their personalities.

They make us very happy, so we thought that maybe they could make others happy too. Then we got the idea that each of their photos should be accompanied by a motivational phrase, which would inspire others.

These short, forceful phrases, accompanied by a cute cat have become our signature post!


What does being a pet owner mean to you?

Mimi and Chobi: Mom? Dad?

Jenn and Alv: For us, being a pet owner means that we have a life just as valuable as our own under our care. They our are responsibility and we must take care of them, protect them and fulfill all their needs.

The owner of a pet is the human being who exercises them, feeds them and is willing to clean up their droppings. As well as teach them, spend time with them and above all, offer them unconditional love and companionship. 

This is the least we can do to thank them for the happiness and joy they bring to our lives.


Why did you choose to rescue two cats?

Mimi and Chobi:  Mom and Dad adopted us, and they are fighting for a cause. Isn’t that true? 

Jenn and Alv: As they said, Mimi and Chobi were adopted because we are convinced that we’re supporting a good cause which is #adoptnotshop

Some friends offered Mimi and Chobi to us for adoption and we wanted to give them an opportunity to live in a warm, loving and caring home.

We have always liked cats because they are smart and fun, and our kittens are no exception! They are always making us smile and we have so much fun together!

We feel very happy and grateful that they came into our lives.

We originally thought that the red cat, Chobi, was a girl because he was very small! And that Mimi was a boy. But after a couple of months their genders became clear and we had to swap their names

Have you always been a cat owner?

Mimi and Chobi: Yes, our daddy loves animals!

Mom and Alv: Yes, we have grown up with cats, but we have also grown up with other pets, such as dogs, ducks, birds and turtles.


Do you have a favourite?

Mom and Alv: Not really, their love is the same for both of us. Their love now extends to a rescued kitten that we found alone in the streets. We thought we would give her up for adoption but she has won our love and shall stay with us. Her name is Tami.


What opportunities have arisen since you created an online presence for your cats?

Mom and Alv: When we first initially started growing our page we were approached by companies who offered us special discounts for their products. They even sent us some new products to try, like sand and other cute accessories for our cats. 

Our first collaboration has been this interview 😊 




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