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Budgie Buds

Meet Icicle and Domino. 

What do Icicle and Domino mean to you?

Icy and Domino mean the world to me, they are like my children!

Why did you decide to start up a social media account for them?

I thought it would be a fun experience for me to share pictures and meet new people, and so far its been great. 

How do you choose content for their feed?

I choose content based on what my followers recommend and what they would want to see!

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

I think being a pet owner means you should be dedicated and show love and care to your pets, no matter what.

What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

My favourite feature on Petbar has to be Petbar TV! 
I love watching videos showing the goofy, funny, silly, crazy and hilarious things pets do. 

What is something silly they both do?

Both Icy and Domino refuse to get off my shoulders when they get comfortable!
It always makes me laugh.


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