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Petey the Beardie

Meet Petey. 

What does Petey mean to you?

Petey means so much more to me than just a pet. It’s hard to even express how much she means to me.   
I bought Petey because my boyfriend was leaving for boot camp for a few months and I needed something to take care of, and something to occupy myself with so I didn’t feel lonely. 
You could basically say that Petey kept me sane for a while. 
I can’t help but smile whenever I see her goofy face and she is always there to cheer me up. 
She may just be a small little creature, but to me she means the world. 

Have you always been a lizard owner?

Petey is my first lizard but I would love to get more when I’m able to properly take care of them! 
Growing up I always had birds and dogs, so buying a lizard was a big change. 
I’m super allergic to anything with fur, so it’s nice to finally be able to cuddle an animal without breaking out in hives.

What is involved in caring for a lizard?

Lizards are sometimes a lot of work, but it’s really worth it. 
You have to constantly force them to eat what they should be eating as opposed to things like carpet fuzz off the floor. And trust me, they’re super picky eaters. 
Petey’s favourite thing to do is pretend to not be hungry so she doesn’t have to eat her greens. Then I get worried and feed her worms, which are her favourite. 
Their cage setup is also a huge factor you need to consider, because it really impacts their health. For example, if their lighting is off it can make them sick. 
I’m also extremely passionate about advocating against people using sand in cages. It is very unsafe and can cause blockage, which can seriously harm your lizard. 
There’s definitely a lot of research involved if you are looking at buying a lizard. But besides that they’re spiky but snuggly little things who can form strong bonds with their owners. And even objects!

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

Being a pet owner is so much more than just having something live with you in your home. 
Even though that animal is only part of your life, you are your pets whole life, as well as the number one thing they care about. 
Pets can make you happy no matter what your mood is and will love you unconditionally and that’s why I think they’re so beneficial to our lives. 
They’re just this constant little ball of love!

What is something unique and distinctive about Petey?

Petey is such a goofy little girl. 
I love how she always looks like she’s smiling even when she’s mad at me for giving her a bath or making her eat healthy. 
She will also pose in anything no matter what I dress her up in! That is probably why we have had so many photos go viral.  
She loves technology and will run across my keyboard and watch videos with me until she falls asleep on my laptop. 
Just the other day I was writing an essay and she typed out a few words, deleted a paragraph, and then started searching things up on my computer settings.
I didn’t even know how to do some of the things she was doing!

What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

Besides all of the cute pets, I really enjoy the business directory! 
I have found so many retailers and pet friendly places in my area that I had no clue even existed!


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