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Bowie the Husky

Meet Bowie and Freddie. 

What do Bowie and Freddie mean to you?

Bowie and Freddie mean everything to me!
I remember when we adopted Freddie last December, I was worried I couldn’t love another pup as much as I love Bowie.  But I soon found out that I was terribly wrong.
Bowie is the first dog I’ve had that has been mine, as opposed to a family pet.
And because of that, he will always have a special place in my heart. But Freddie has been so easy to love, and I’m very lucky to have them both!

Why did you decide to start a social media account for them?

I started a social media account for Bowie a couple of years back.
I figured if his face could light up my day then it could do the same for someone else! And then Freddie came along. 
I really hope people enjoy seeing their cute, goofy faces!

What opportunities have arisen since?

Since starting my social media account I’ve had a few people ask for Bowie to model bandanas and leashes. In addition, we have been asked to try different treats and food samples! 

If you could ask them a question, what would it be and why?

I would ask them if they are happy with the life we are providing them with!
And I would also love to know what the best part of their day is. 

Favourite feature on Petbar?

I love how I can put my current location into the Places and Merchants directory and find pet supply stores and local dog friendly places near me. It is super convenient! 

What is the silliest thing they have ever done?

Bowie has a very awkward and funny personality. Twice now he has pooped in my bathtub while he’s been sick, and while I’ve been at work. I actually think it’s really smart he does that!
He will also randomly hop into the shower with me, and look at me like “hey hooman, what’s up?!”
Freddie is still relatively new to our family but he gets super excited for dinner and hops around like a bunny with his back legs in the air.
He also falls asleep virtually anywhere and leans on anything and everything. It’s pretty hilarious!



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