Meet Daisy… the sassiest, cutest and most stylish turtle on Instagram!


What is the story behind adopting Daisy?

I’ve had Daisy since I was ten-years-old and she was just a 1 inch baby.
In 2002, a childhood friend wanted a baby turtle for her birthday. This was probably because we lived close to an area with many street vendors who sold hatchling turtles (FYI I don’t recommend buying a pet under such conditions).
The vendor did not let me get just one turtle, so I ended up buying a pair, kept Daisy, and gave the other turtle to my friend.
It’s been an adventure figuring out how to raise her, but now she’s the most spoiled girl I know.

What does she mean to you?

Daisy and I have a very special bond because we practically grew up together.
She’s been with me through most of the major events in my life, some good and others not so much. She’s my best friend, and I’ve known her longer than anyone in my current circle of friends. 
Every morning, I look forward to approaching her tank because she immediately recognizes me as soon as I enter the room and begins to swim eagerly in my direction.
When I come home from work  I sometimes catch her staring out the window waiting for me to open the door.
daisy grass.jpg

What is something unique about her?

Daisy definitely has a sassy, snappy attitude, especially during bath time.
Every week I scrub her shell with a toothbrush to keep it clean and shiny, but she hates the process and literally hisses at me and tries to bite the toothbrush.
After I bathe her she gives me a stare that literally looks like the 😑 emoji.
daisy crown.jpg

Why did you choose to buy a turtle?

Initially, when I bought Daisy, I had every intention of gifting her and her sibling to my friend.
I did not think I would end up keeping either of them and I was certainly not prepared to raise such a tiny baby.
At the start I had to scramble to find supplies for her, but now I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been like without her!
To anyone considering buying a turtle, I would highly advise researching first about all of the equipment you’ll need before you bring one home, so you don’t stress out as much as I did.
daisy closeup.jpg

What are the positives, and in contrast, the not so great things about being a turtle owner?

Pros: Daisy is the perfect pet for an introvert such as myself.
She keeps to herself most of the time but does not mind keeping me company if I need her to. She’s very smart and recognizes me as her mum.
I feel lucky that she is not a picky eater because I can feed her things I buy regularly, such as fresh shrimp and leafy greens.
Cons: Because Daisy is at the age where she can start producing eggs, I’ve had some unexpected vet bills and stress. She’s worth it, though.
daisy lights.jpg

How do you choose what content to upload on Daisy’s social media account?

I always wanted her Instagram account to show a mixture of her everyday turtle life as well as some more fun, quirky content, such as her playing with miniature props and wearing the outfits I make for her.
I believe that combination of fantasy and real life moments is what led her to being so welcomed into the Instagram community.
For instance, I recently took her to the vet where I found out that she was expecting her first clutch of eggs.
I was freaking out since I had never gone through this with her before, so I posted her X-ray on Instagram and asked for advice.
And the response was greater than I ever expected!
daisy and mom.jpg

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