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Havoc and Rave

 Meet Havoc and Rave. 

What do Havoc and Rave mean to you?

Gosh, they mean the world to me!

We adopted them a couple of months ago from a rescue and we initially went to see a different pair of bunnies, but Havoc and Rave stole our hearts!

They had been there for around six months and were often overlooked due to Rave’s shyness, however he wasn’t shy for us.

It’s like he chose us, and I always feel really lucky to be the ones he wanted to come home and live with.

I spend so much time with them and I talk to them like they’re my 2nd and 3rd children – and sometimes they behave like naughty toddlers too! 


What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

It’s a big responsibility and it’s a bit like being a parent.

You have these little balls of fluff that rely on you to take care of them and they get excited to see you and sad when you leave.

It’s really lovely coming home to them after a long day of work and getting to spend time with them.

It’s a long-term, expensive commitment so you do your best to make sure they’re as well looked after as they can be.

Havoc and Rave might be a little bit spoiled, but it’s only because I love them so much. 


If you could ask them both a question, what would it be and why?

I think I’d firstly ask them if they’re happy.

But I’d like to think that they are and I do a lot for them.

But it would be nice to know for sure. 

And secondly, I’d ask them if they ever go to bed!

They have access to their aviary 24/7 so they are never shut in their shed, but I’ve seen them up playing at midnight and even at 3.30am – so do they ever sleep?! 

Why did you start a social media account for them?

Mainly because I was very aware of how many photos and videos I was posting of them on my personal account and I didn’t want to bore my friends and family anymore because they just aren’t as bunny crazy as I am! 


What is your favourite feature on Petbar?

I love that it’s all about pets. 

It’s all I’m ever interested in seeing, so it’s the perfect place for me, especially Petbar TV. 

How do you create content for their feed?

Well it’s quite difficult as they’re both obviously rabbits and they do their own thing!

I can’t get them to sit still or pose in a certain way, so I just spend lots of time with them and take a few pictures every now and then. 

When I’ve got an image that I think is cute or funny or one that I can put a good caption to, I post it. 





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