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Byron & Co.

Meet Justice. The owner, creator and creative director of Byron & Co.

What inspired you to create Byron and Co.? 

In June 2016 I stumbled across a long-legged, sweet-faced 5-month-old pup at the local pound, and I just had to bring her home with me that afternoon!
I named her Byron and she quickly changed my life for the better.
After a few months of rapid growth, I realised she needed an accessory that was something other than the classic collar you buy from a pet store and one that would also show off her feminine side.
I undertook research into the pet market in Australia and found that there were no local bandana companies I could support that I fully liked the design of, or ones that made bandanas big enough for her Great Dane sized head.
Thus, Byron & Co. was born from nothing!
We started off with a rough idea of what we wanted to create, and over the next 12 months I developed, changed and fixed the bandanas so that they would be durable and look great too.
In the first few months I started selling and gifting bandanas to receive feedback on what people liked or what they thought should be changed.
It’s now been over a year that we have been running Byron & Co, and I am stoked with the growth of the business.
We are currently organising our stock for the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show, which is being held in May at the Royal Exhibition Centre and will be our biggest event to date.

How do you find the inspiration for new designs?

We source our fabric from all over the world, including both online and in person.
We choose fabrics with vibrant colours and cute patterns.
We steer clear from white based fabrics as they get dirty too quickly on our furry friends.
But we don’t really have any specific requirements for the fabric we pick. We are currently speaking to a graphic designer to get some of our very own fabrics designed and made and I am hoping to have our very own Byron & Co range of fabrics soon!

What is the ‘style’ of your brand?

Here at Byron & Co, we pride ourselves on selling classic user-friendly products with a minimal, vibrant and fun twist.
We love receiving photos from our customers and re-post them regularly on social media.
We understand how important it is to be engaged with your audience, and we give back to our lovely supporters by holding regular giveaways, sending out freebies and showcasing dogs and cats modelling our products.

What do you think it means to be a pet owner?

To me, being a pet owner means you have a responsibility, and a furry friend who is always looking out for you.
Whether they’re waiting for you to come home, waiting for you to throw their favourite ball or to feed them, they trust and love you.
Pets rely on humans, but as humans, pets have changed the way we live.
They provide unwavering loyalty, no matter what the day throws at you, and are always there when you need a companion the most.
Adopting Byron from the pound changed my life because she gave me joy, hope, love, hugs and laughter but also taught me how to be patient, consistent and to grow as a person.
She brings so much love to not only my life, but everyone that knows her.
She attends doggie daycare weekly and also helps rescue animals rehabilitate and nervous dogs socialize.
She is truly the best dog ever and so much more to me than just a pet.

Why do you think people now purchase accessories and other luxuries for their dogs?

People are realising the important role dogs have in their lives as companions and as therapy animals, so they want to spoil and love them as much as they possibly can.
I think people buy our bandanas because they are a subtle yet striking accessory to spice up their pets ‘look’ when walking down the street.
Not only that, but the use of accessories in photo shoots is becoming increasingly more popular.
I recently had a pet photographer approach me wanting to use our product in her shoots, to give the photos that little bit of something extra. 

What is your favourite part of your job?

1. The fact that we make our products from nothing.
There are many steps that are involved in the process of making our bandanas and each one is just as important as the next.
I love being able to make products that people love and that compliment their furry friends personality.
2. Receiving so many gorgeous photos of dogs and cats wearing our products!
3. Connecting with pet lovers just like myself, from all over Australia and around the world. 



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