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Melody Penelope

Meet Kemo, Dutch and Ripley. 

Three rescue Sphynx cats. 

Caution – they post nudes.

Why did you decide to start a social media account called @MelodyPenelope?

I adopted my first sphynx, Kemo, a couple of months after moving to Los Angeles.
Whenever I would go home to visit, everyone would ask about her, so I decided to start an Instagram account to share pictures of her with my family and friends. 

What has the process been like?

Almost immediately after creating @melodypenelope I started getting attention and questions from people who had never seen a hairless cat before.
The account quickly grew from family and friends to what it is now.
Several of our followers have become real friends to us as well.

What does being a pet owner mean to you? 

Bringing a pet into your home is a life-long commitment that means so much more than just buying a cute puppy or kitty.
Animals rely on us not just for food and water, but for love and attention as well.
They provide more loyalty and unconditional love than you could ever imagine, and they deserve the same in return.
If you are ready to adopt, remember, you are bringing home another family member. 

What is it like having three cats at home?

Kemo, Dutch, and Ripley bring so much joy, laughter, and love to our home.
Sphynx are a very social breed of cat and I always have at least one in physical contact with me at all times.
Sometimes I end up bringing one to work with me because it’s so hard to leave them behind! 
But three cats also means a lot more kitty poo and a lot less room in bed at night!

Tell us a little bit about why you decided to adopt them?

When I moved to LA I knew I wanted to adopt a Sphynx.
After several months of contacting shelters and rescue organizations, we found a nine-month-old kitten who had been relinquished by her former family because they weren’t able to provide her with the care she needed.
She came home with us the day after Christmas, underweight, and extremely timid.
But with a little time, and a lot of love, she showed us what a sweet and silly girl she was.
We named her Kemosabe, which means faithful friend. 
Then, last September, a former college professor called me and asked if I would be willing to take in his one-year-old twins.
I never expected to have three cats, but after meeting Dutch and Ripley there was no way we could say no to them.
Their personalities fit in perfectly with our family’s.
Ripley keeps Kemo active, and Dutch has a major crush on our dog Bailey.
Now, I can’t imagine NOT having three cats!

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