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Dash the Heeler

Meet Dash. The King of the Heeler household. 

What does Dash mean to you?

Dash is the best addition to our little family!
Before we adopted Dash he had been taken back to the shelter twice because he had severe anxiety and was very destructive when he was left alone. 
He was definitely a challenge since he also lunged at dogs on our walks and was not good at meeting new people. 
He has taught me patience and sympathy like no other! But he was 100% worth it!
And with a little bit of love and training Dash is now more comfortable and relaxed and he can meet other dogs and is so much better at meeting new people. 
He has the funniest personality and just loves going for walks now!

Why did you decide to adopt a dog?

I had always wanted a dog of my own and I loved the idea of adopting one. 
When my boyfriend and I moved to Philly we were looking at dogs online but ended up adopting. 
There is no better feeling than knowing you took in a dog that desperately needed love and a home. 

What made you choose to start a social media account for Dash?

I probably have more pictures of Dash on my camera roll than I do of myself! 
Dash’s  account is a fun and creative way for me to share those photos.  

What has the experience been like so far?

Making his posts has been a lot of fun! 
It’s great to show off his personality and translate the images into “human language.” 
A lot of people have told me that his posts are really funny, and it’s great that I can make people laugh! 
Dash also won a Halloween contest where he was sent Ponzmo dog food. 
I can’t say enough good things about Ponzmo since learning about their company!  It’s so great that I can make these connections so easily!

How do you choose photos/ content for his page?

I’ll take photos/videos of him on our walks or whenever he is doing something funny. 
There isn’t much rhyme to it or reason.

If you could ask Dash any question, what would it be and why?

I would ask him what he does while I’m at work. 
In my mind he lives a high-class double life and whenever I leave, he puts on his bow tie, lights a candle and critiques classical music.  But who knows.

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