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Pumpkin Purr

Meet Pumpkin.

What is the story behind adopting Pumpkin? 

I have had Pumpkin since I was eight-years-old.

I had always loved cats and always wanted a cat, but my parents were not fond of the idea of buying an animal that we would need to take care of.

But then they finally decided to let me get a cat.

I remember seeing the picture of this little tiny Ragdoll kitten and absolutely squealing with delight that she would soon be mine. 


Why did you choose that name? 

My eigth-year-old self decided to test her with whatever words came to my mind and see how she reacted to them.

For some reason, when I said Pumpkin, she turned her head towards me (or at least that’s how I remember it) and I immediately screamed “her name is Pumpkin!”.

It was October so I probably had Halloween on my mind. But from that moment on, she was Pumpkin, the white (not orange) cat.


What does being a pet owner mean to you? 

Being a pet owner means I get to come home every day to my best, fluffy friend.

It also means that when I am having a bad day and feel like the world is against me, Pumpkin is always there to comfort me.

And it also means that I have a very demanding companion to take care of!

How do you differentiate Pumpkin’s feed from other social media pet accounts? 

Pumpkin has a very unique personality, and I try to make that obvious through her feed as much as possible.

She’s regal, she’s cuddly, she’s lazy, she’s silly, she’s curious, and she’s a diva. (Her signature pose is the ‘paws crossed’ position).


What opportunities have presented themselves since creating an online presence for Pumpkin? 

Opportunities such as this one!

I get comments here and there asking to be apart of a blog, app, website and heaps of other things too, which is pretty cool!

What is something special, unique and distinctive about her? 

Something especially unique about Pumpkin is that she is a survivor of a four-story fall out of a New York City window.

This happened a couple of years ago, and although she was hurt, she came back with a full recovery, even at 14-years-old!

Now she is a happy, healthy kitty who truly has nine lives!

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