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Meet Maple.

Why did you decide to start a social media account for Maple?

I just knew I wanted to have an account for Maple as soon as we adopted her! 
It is the perfect way to document her life and have a place to keep all her best photos in one spot.
I also knew that it would be a great way for me to get advice from other dog parents.

What opportunities have arisen since?

Maple has modelled leashes and bow ties, been a brand ambassador for an Etsy shop, and even competed in a contest during Christmas where she won a $25 gift card.
And you can’t forget about all the amazing friendships we’ve made! 
These dog parents can be hardcore but if anything happens to Maple I can post about it online and get some advice, or learn about a similar situation from other Basset Hound owners. 
It has been so cool to connect with dogs from Ohio all the way to Australia!
And the photos people post are truly amazing.
beauty maple.jpg

What differentiates your account from other dog accounts?

I like to post in ‘Maple’s voice’ and write what I think she would be saying, thinking and feeling.
I think that adds a fun perspective to the whole experience and makes things not-so-serious!
She does the cutest things and purposely models for me so I can capture the moment.
Getting the iPhone X has really stepped up our photo game too.

What does Maple mean to you?

Maple is my best friend!
I have always loved Basset Hounds and grew up with them my whole life.
After I graduated from College, I needed a hobby and adjusting to post-grad life in an unfamiliar city with no family around me was difficult!
I worked night shift at my job and was lonely during the day (when I wasn’t sleeping).
And my boyfriend traveled a lot so I needed another friend to make our house feel a little less empty.
That was where Miss Maple came along.
She gave me a purpose and my goal was to be the best dang dog mum around.
Now I couldn’t imagine my life without her!
So overall, she makes life more fun.


Describe what you think it means to be a pet owner.

Being a pet owner is so extremely important. A dog is a member of the family.
I make sure Maple has a comfy bed to sleep in, a backyard to run around in and she gets one long walk a day and endless games of fetch to maintain her energy.
We got her professionally trained so she would be well-behaved around people and other dogs. 
And she is a fan favourite with our family and friends and we are proud to say that she is ours!
A pet owner has the responsibility of caring for another life.
I was nervous that I wouldn’t be good at it, but you just learn what your pets needs are and you do what you have to do. 

What is the story behind adopting Maple and naming her?

I was on the hunt for a Basset Hound puppy and since I was living in an apartment at the time, I got turned down from a dozen different rescue shelters!
I really wanted to have a rescue (we rescued my family pet years ago) but since I didn’t have a fenced in yard, I kept getting rejected.
I was getting desperate and found an ad on Craigslist for a female Basset Hound puppy.
I text the number and that was that! No questions asked,  I chose my puppy, paid my security deposit and was told that I could pick her up in six weeks time.
My boyfriend and I drove to the middle of nowhere, three hours away from home and met the amazing family that bred her. And they handed her over straight away and the rest is history!
In terms of her name, I actually dreamed it! 
I had a list of about ten names that I kept voting on and one night I dreamt that her name was Maple. I think it had something to do with the maple syrup I ate with my waffles that morning. 
Maple reminded me of a pretty, fall color and I knew I would be adopting her in early Fall!
It also just so happened that her coat turned from black to a “maple-y” colour after we bought her, so the name was perfect!
Except now, some people think I’m saying “Meatball” instead of “Maple”. 😂 

What is the silliest thing she has ever done?

Maple is the silliest dog in the world so it’s hard to pick just one thing that she does!
Some of our favorites include her jumping up to put her front paws on the bay window. She then whips her head back and looks at us until one of us helps lift her up.
She also enjoys sprawling out in bed and being the middle spoon between the two of us.
She allows us to dress her up and even wore a pirates outfit for Halloween!
But one of our favorite silly moments is when she holds a peanut butter jar between her paws like a human and licks it until she gets the last drop!

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