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Jarla 3 Legs

Jarla was not just physically injured, but she was emotionally damaged from years of negligent treatment from her previous owners. 

This was until Jami came along.

Jami made it her mission to care for this helpless dog and give her the surgery she needed to recovery from a terrible accident, that resulted in her back leg  being amputated on.

Meet Jarla.

What happened to Jarla?

I am a veterinary nurse and one morning I came into work and the overnight team were updating me on the patients that came in during the night.
One of them was an 11-month-old female stray dog who had been hit by a car. She had road burn all over her belly and down the side of her right hind leg, but the worst injury was to her left hind leg.
It was very badly injured with torn ligaments and she desperately needed surgery to stabilize the joint.
Unfortunately we were not allowed to proceed with surgery without the owner’s permission. So we got the rangers involved.
The rangers managed to track down the owners even though the dog was not microchipped or registered with the council.
And the owners wanted nothing to do with her and refused to take responsibility for her, so she had to be put to sleep.


During the first couple of days it took the rangers to locate the owners, I had fallen in love.
She was so depressed and scared and very underweight.
When I found out she was going to be put to sleep I spoke with the ranger and they organised for me to foster her with initial plans to re-home her, as I already have quite a lot of pets.

Was she receptive at first and how is she now, in comparison to when you first brought her home?

Myself and a friend/work colleague decided to make a Go Fund Me page to raise money for her surgery, as I was now responsible for her.
Unfortunately, by day three her leg was too badly infected despite all the antibiotics she was taking, so we had to amputate immediately.
Once she recovered from her surgery I took her out for her first walk on three legs and she did so well!
She was so happy to be able to move without feeling pain in her leg.
A couple of days later I brought her home with me and my partner instantly fell in love with her too, so we decided to keep her.
She was very quiet in the first few weeks. She slept on the couch most days.
She constantly wanted cuddles and to be near us.
I think she must have been very isolated from people and other animals in her previous home. She now sleeps in our bed every night and she is a lap dog even though she is too big for it.

What does she mean to you?

Jarla means the world to our family. 
She loves to go crazy and run around the backyard with our six-year-old daughter.
She loves going to the beach with her dog friends Holly and Princess Leia and she makes friends with everyone at the dog park (human or canine).

Why did you choose that specific name?

I got the name Jarla from a book I read by David Clement-Davies about a pack of wolves. It was called The Sight.

What made you choose to start a social media account for Jarla?

I chose to make a social media account for Jarla because I was finding that my own social media account was being taken over by her!
All my friends, family and work colleagues enjoyed getting updates on how she was doing, so I decided to make her a seperate account.

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