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Meet Skylar. 

Why did you decide to adopt Skylar?

My boyfriend and I decided to adopt Sky because we had been together for a while, and we had both always grown up around dogs.
We both agreed that dogs make life a little more ‘whole’, so we decided to start a little family by adopting her! 

Have you always been a dog owner?

My grandparents are Labrador breeders and their dogs mean everything to them, so I was kind of born into the dog owner life.
My parents rescued a dog when I was only a couple of years old and when she passed away because of old age, my parents bought a dog from my grandparents!
Then I moved out and adopted Skylar.

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

Being a pet owner means getting to know a pup and their personality!
I love how every dog has something different about them that makes them unique, whether it be the way they look or the way they act, or in Skylar’s case – both!
She’s the silliest, smartest, sassiest, most loving little pup you could ever meet and our lives have been so much better since the day we brought her home.

Why did you decide to open up a social media account for Skylar?

I decided to make an account for Skylar because she is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (I may be biased).
I wanted to be able to share her cute little face with everybody and I also just love sitting down with her and taking pictures.  
Some day she won’t be with us anymore and I don’t just want to have pictures of her, I want to have some memories behind them as well. 

What opportunities has social media created for you?

Having an account for her has been awesome!!
We’ve met other dogs in Canada and found tons of shops to buy accessories, treats and toys from. We’ve also had the opportunity to talk to some really awesome people!
We’ve received advice on Skylar’s eating habits and given advice on issues others have had.
We have even been offered to model for a company!
So its been pretty cool! 

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