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Meet Al. 

What made you decide to buy both a horse and a cat?

I’ve always grown up being surrounded by animals.
I had two Labrador’s and three cats (one being my current cat Chip) when I was younger.
I’ve had Chip since he was a little kitten and decided to take him with me when I moved to Oklahoma after graduating high school. My horse however, is kind of a different story.
I started riding when I was 10-years-old and instantly fell in love.
I got out of it for a while and took up volleyball instead, which I stopped doing in March 2017.
After that, I took up riding again and started working at a show barn (awful experience) where I learnt about para-dressage, which is what I do now.
So I started travelling to Texas to train with horses, and ended up moving there to train full-time. I also started leasing Cappi, who is the horse that I currently ride.
In addition to that, I have a foal that will be trained for my specific needs once he’s all grown up.
Eventually, once I move on from Cappi I hope to get a horse of my own that’s not a baby, so I can grow with him/her. 

Do you ride horses competitively?

I do ride horses competitively – I’m actually trying to make it to the Paralympics!
I know it’s going to be a long shot getting there, but I’m super excited for the journey and everything that I’ll learn along the way. 

Do both pets get along with each other?

Both pets have never actually met each other, because I would never dream about taking Chip to the barn as he probably wouldn’t want to come back home after that!
Chip loves being outside and hunting, but I’m not sure how he’d go around big animals.
And Cappi is super great with dogs since there are always a ton around at the barn.


Do you have a favourite? 

I have a favorite at different times!
I love being at the barn and I go almost everyday to spend time with Cappi and ride.
It’s one of my happy places and being there just makes me motivated to do my best and continue working hard to achieve my goals.
But Chip is awesome when I’m at home! Our favourite past time is sleeping or binge watching a TV show together. 
He curls up with me on the couch and watches whatever I’m watching, and he’s super cute when it’s bedtime because he sleeps right next to me (or on me) all night. 

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

Being a pet owner means that you have someone to care of.
This little ball of fluff (or 1200 lbs of fluff) depends on you, loves you and you get the honour of being able to give them the best life possible.
I’m always showering both my pets with treats, toys and gear and it just makes me so happy! I could never imagine my life without animals and don’t know how people can live without them! 

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