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Sweet Life of Floki

Meet Floki.

What does Floki mean to you?

Floki means the world to me.
He is always there to greet me when I get home from work.
He’s my best friend and is always there for me no matter what, whether it is by providing me with an abundance of kisses or just snuggling up next to me in bed.
He has become apart of the family now and I couldn’t imagine my life without him!

Why did you decide to adopt a dog?

I love dogs and always have from a young age. They just have such beautiful nature about them.
When I moved into my own home with my partner, who often works late, we decided that a dog would be the perfect addition to our family, and a great way to keep myself entertained when he’s not home.
floki 1

What is the best thing about being a pet owner?

The best thing would have to be the love your pet expresses for you no matter what.
They are always giving unconditional love and companionship. 

Why did you start a social media account for Floki? 

The main reason I started this account was because of his unique markings.
I wanted to share with the whole world everything I possibly could about Floki, and show everyone what makes him so special and unique.
It was that simple! And maybe I am a little biased as an owner because I think he’s the cutest dog out there. 
floki 3

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