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Meet Sarah and her Beagle Pickles. 

What does Pickles mean to you?

Pickles is my happiness and my everything.
If I am having a bad day, I know giving him a hug will make everything better.
He is my best friend and I would do anything for him.

What significance does his name have?

I get asked this a lot.
Growing up I loved the Nickelodeon show Rugrats and one of the characters surname is Pickles.
Back then, I thought it would be funny to call a dog Pickles and then it just became a thing I said for many years.

I would always say “one day I want a Beagle, and I am going to call him Pickles”. 



Why did you decide to buy a Beagle?

Have you ever touched their ears? They are the softest things in the world!

I have always wanted a Beagle because they are the perfect size dog and they have really funny personalities. Pickles is always making me laugh.

What has the experience been like setting up a social media account for Pickles?

Initially it was very slow but I found that the more followers I received the more momentum I had to continue uploading content.
I think it took me a while to decide what type of account I wanted, what story I wanted to tell and what makes Pickles unique.

The answer to that question is that he is an Aussie Beagle who loves the beach, and hates bath time, and our audience has really related to that and loves the honesty! 



If you could ask Pickles one question, what would it be and why? 

“What can I do to make you happier?”
I want Pickles to have the best possible life he can have and sometime I feel so overwhelmed because there are so many dogs out there that I want to save.
Did you know that Beagles are the number one breed of dogs tested on in laboratories? This is due to their sensitive skin and forgiving nature.
And this is why I want Pickles to have the most amazing life possible. 

What is his favourite thing to do? 

Eat. His nose is incredible.
He finds it really hard to control himself around food.
He needs persistent training to sit and stay on the couch when we are having dinner, otherwise he would be on the dining table the first chance he gets.

What is the cheekiest thing Pickles has ever done?

Just last week Pickles escaped!
My husband got a call from a lady down the road who said she was taking her kids to school in the car and she looked in her rear-view mirror and found Pickles sitting in the back seat!


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