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Meet Elizabeth.

What do Pepsi and Sprite mean to you?

Pepsi and Sprite are part of my family. 
They bring me, my husband and my two daughters so much love, fun and joy. They are the inspiration behind all of my artwork and paintings as well. 
3D movie2.png

Why did you choose the names Pepsi and Sprite?

We adopted Pepsi from an animal shelter!
In the car driving back from the shelter, we were trying to come up with a name that suited her. We wanted a name that matched her black fur as well. 
But also something that wasn’t too common and most importantly, something that was fun.
Somehow food items kept coming up and I said ‘Pepsi’ and everyone loved it! 
Sprite came into our family a year later.
We wanted another dog but not another big one that sheds a lot of hair.
I adopted Sprite from a breeder and she’s just the opposite of Pepsi, because she is small and white.
Someone mentioned the name Sprite and we thought that it was a perfect fit! It seems like a fun combination!

How did you find yourself creating art with Pepsi and Sprite as the inspiration?

I’m an artist and I worked in graphic design for many years until I got married and had kids. So now I paint as a hobbie.
My paintings were all over the place without finding any particular subject I felt any passion for until we got Pepsi and Sprite.  Now I love painting dogs!
I started an account for Sprite (coton_desprite) and I follow two artists who both also use their dogs as inspiration for content, which I love!
I thought why can’t I do that? So I decided it would be fun to put them in funny and odd ‘situations’ and make a story out of it.
It’s a lot of fun but also a lot of work too!

How do you come up with inspiration for your artwork?

I was inspired by the beautiful photographs of Christopher Cline. 
His photographs are amazing, beautiful and funny.

Have you always been artistic and incorporated your love for animals into your work?

I’ve always loved art and animals!
And I have always wanted to combine both these passions together!

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