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Leo Max Adventures

Meet Leo and Max.

How much do Leo and Max mean to you?

Leo and Max mean the world to me.
They have become apart of my everyday life and there is no way I could picture my life without them.

Why did you decide to adopt them?

We decided to adopt Leo because I was feeling homesick, sad and lonely due to my big move from California to Arlington, Virginia.
One random day we entered a local Petsmart centre and found Leo at the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.
He would not leave our side and I instantly knew he was the dog for us.
We took him home that very day and he changed our life completely.
After four months of Leo’s adoption we decided that he needed a brother! So we chose to look into another local shelter which is how we found Max.
Max was the perfect little puppy and we knew they would both get along and hit it off instantly. It was the best decision we ever made as they are now inseparable and each others best friends. 

Do you have a favourite? 

I love Leo and Max equally but Leo is definitely a mummy’s boy and Max adores his daddy!

Is it difficult owning and caring for two dogs?

At first it was difficult managing both, as Max was only five-months-old and was still in his puppy stage when we adopted Leo.
From my personal experience, I think that having two dogs alleviates a feeling of guilt especially when we are both away from home for a long period of time during the day.
There is a level of comfort we have knowing that they are both home keeping each other occupied. So overall, I don’t really find it difficult anymore.

What is the best thing about being a pet owner?

I think the best part about being a pet owner is coming home to animals who give you an immense amount of unconditional love.
Dogs are the most loving, protecting and valued friends!

Tell us a little bit about adopting Leo from Puerto Rico?

Leo was brought to Arlington, Virginia by the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.
They did not have much background information on him but they knew he had been a street dog for a while.
I am so glad we had the pleasure of adopting him and giving him a second chance to live the life he deserves. 

If you could ask them both a question, what would it be and why?

If I could ask Leo a question it would be “what and how was your life before being rescued and brought here from Puerto Rico?”
And for Max I would ask “how does it feel to have a forever home?”

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