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Meet Lania and her horse Sir Winston.

Do you ride competitively?

I bought Winston as a green horse, meaning he was saddle broke with minimal training.
I plan on training Winston over the next year, with the possibility of showing him off in competitions quite soon. 

What does Winston mean to you?

I got Winston after I lost my previous horse, and best friend, who I had for six years.
 I was not looking for a horse after such a terrible loss but my middle school teacher messaged me telling me about one of her amazing horses she wanted me to buy.
She had Winston since he was six months old, so I knew how much this horse meant to her.
I immediately fell in love after meeting him and he soon became family!
He has such a humorous and quirky personality, and makes me laugh all the time. He truly means so much to me!

Why did you decide to start @equii_nia?

I started this page to share pictures of my horse with other users! 
I also like to reflect on Winston’s training progress, and @equii_nia is a great platform to do so on. 

How do you differ Winston’s account from other horse accounts?

Some horse accounts only show equine photography or their training updates.
Winston’s account has a mixture of videos, updates, training clips, and photographs I take. I like to show a good mixture of Winston’s daily life too.  

Why do you think so many people follow your account and enjoy Winston’s pictures?

I like to post updates on Winston and how he’s been progressing with training.
I think people like to see stuff like that and really relate and engage with the content I post! 

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