Megan Jolly is the owner and CEO of the successful Florida based pet accessories company WoofSniffWagandCo. 

Inspired by her two little pooches and her obsession to purchase accessories for them, Megan started her business only half a year ago and since then has seen her creative, innovative and gorgeous designs take off!


WoofSniffWagandCo (mind the tongue twister) is a true example of what  passion, dedication and a little love for dogs can create!






How did you come up with the concept for WoofSniffWagandCo?

It all began as a little obsession I had dressing up my pups with bandanas and bow ties.

After only a few months of adopting my dogs I had already purchased so many accessories for them, and my husband made me promise that I wouldn’t spend another dime on them.

So I decided that I wanted to start creating accessories myself without breaking the bank!

Growing up with two grandmothers who were professional seamstresses and a mother who loved to craft, I decided to give bandana making a go!

We live in a quaint little town that is very big on dogs and cats and a tight community who loves to support small businesses.

When the word began to spread that I was making dog accessories, I decided it was time to create an Etsy account and ship worldwide.


Why did you choose that particular name?

I wanted a tongue twister- just kidding!

I wanted something simple and to the point and a name that would make people laugh when they read it out loud.

So far its done the job!


Do you own any pets yourself?


I have two adopted rescue mutts named Kona and Grizzly that turned one this year. 

Having two puppies is definitely hard work, but they are the sweetest pups in the world and as newly weds, the greatest decision we made our first year of marriage was adopting them!

We adopted Grizzly first and found him in South Carolina. Then three months later, we found Kona at a foster home five minutes away from our home. 

And then after that, it was history.

We have no children of our own (hopefully not for a couple of years) so our puppies are our babies.

They are truly the inspiration for our shop.


Why do you think people are choosing to spend more money on their pets, in terms of clothing and accessories?

I believe its because of the large influence of social media.  

Hundreds of pet accounts are popping up by the day and people have a desire to make their pets internet/ Facebook/ Instagram famous.

And dressing up your pet and taking photos of them in different outfits is one way to do this!

image2 2

Is there a big market for pet accessories in Florida? How does this compare with the rest of the world?

I would say yes!

There are tons of Etsy shops based in Florida!

Especially since we have big cities like Orlando and Miami.

I’m a vendor in different markets and there is a very positive atmosphere, or reaction, when people see the different ways that they can accessorise their dogs. 

In comparison to the rest of the world, I think Florida is up there!

But I think New York and California are much bigger in terms of pet accessory influencers. 


What do you love most about your job?

1) Getting to see adorable dogs and cats from all over the world of different breeds and sizes, wearing something that I made. 

2) Seeing happy customers and friends completely gush over their fur-baby’s new look. 

3) Seeing people’s excitement when they purchase an accessory that reflects their pets personality. It makes it all worth while!


What would be your biggest success to date?

My biggest success so far is reaching 600 Sales!

This is a combination of selling at farmers markets, on Etsy and selling my products at local businesses.

We are a small company that opened up a little over six months ago, and we cannot wait to see whats in store for us this year!



Photo Credit to: 

@thesugarandbiscuitshow and
Feature image of Megan Jolly – Owner and CEO

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