Pet Winery

We have Taryn Nahm, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Florida based Pet Winery,

to thank for making our Cat-urday nights more purr-fect!


From Meow & Chandon to Dog-Tinis, you can now share a drink (or two) with your pooch or feline friend! 


Pet Winery really stands out as an innovative company in a competitive market space, because they understand that in this modern era, pets are increasingly becoming a larger component of our daily lives. 


And because of this people want to experience new things with their furry friends, which attributes to their success. 

So round up the squad and open up a bottle of Purrgundy (one each of course) and cheers to their success! 





What was the inspiration behind Pet Winery?

We first saw the idea of wine for cats from a Japanese company!
Unfortunately, they made their products with grapes which can be harmful to animals.
But we loved the idea so much that we worked with vets to come out with a healthy and fun formula!
And that was how our Pet Winery was born!
We had a lot of fun testing our different creations on our own pets before launching our brand. 

Why do you think so many people indulge in purchasing these products for their pets?

People want to feel close to their pets because they are essentially part of the family.
We throw birthday parties for them, they sleep in our beds, we take them everywhere, and they even have their own social media pages!
I think people want to spend more and more time with their pets, and because of this, it is fun to be able to share different experiences with them.
And nobody wants to drink alone! So why not share a drink with your fur friend?!

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

I have two cats, Sadie and Mia.
Sadie is a rescue who showed up at my door one day when she was just a kitten and has been with Kai (my BF and business partner) and I ever since!
Mia is a F3 Savannah. She comes to the office with me almost every day.
Sadie and Mia provide me with comfort after long days at work because pets are there for you when you are feeling down or sick, and love you no matter what.
They are spoiled and a part of our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
I think that being a pet owner is essentially about being able to give love and affection and care to an animal and in return being able to enjoy the benefits of the unconditional love they give to you. 

Do your products have health benefits for both dogs and cats?

Almost all of our products have salmon oil in them. And our Dog Beer has Glucosamine in it.
You can find the various benefits of both ingredients on our website.

What inspires the team to sell the products at Pet Winery?

We LOVE ANIMALS! And we love the pet industry! 
I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they see our products for the first time and seeing customers enjoying the products with their pets.
I also love seeing the Dog Pawrignon being served at pet parties!
I guess it is just a fun business to be in and makes us want to work hard, because we all enjoy it so much. 

What is the most rewarding, and in contrast, most challenging aspect of your job?

We give back to a rescue each month and it is nice knowing that our hard work is able to help aid different shelters and provide them with things that they need to be able to adequately care for their animals. 
The most challenging aspect is probably keeping up with the demand for our products!
We grew from a 1200 sq ft facility to a 9,000 sq ft facility recently. And we also just added another 2,000 sq ft!
So in 2 years, we went from 1200sq ft to 11,000 sq ft!
It’s been crazy busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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