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Scotty’s Cartoons

Meet Scotty.

Tell me a little bit about Scotty’s Cartoons, and how you came up with the idea for your business?

My dad and I both use to cartoon and draw a lot together when I was a child. I then started drawing again as an adult, and turned it into a business a few years later.

I couldn’t imagine ever enjoying a job more than I enjoy this one.

Why did you specifically choose to specialise in pet cartoons?

When I first officially set up the business in 2011, I aimed to keep my cartooning work broad, and dabbled in everything from gag cartoons to caricatures of people.

I am crazy about dogs though, and so whenever I wasn’t working I was cartooning dogs and the antics of my loony dog Jasper.

As more people saw the cartoons of Jasper, I gradually began getting more requests for dog cartoons, until I was finally able to re-brand myself as a ‘Dog Cartoonist’.

This was a few years ago now, and it’s definitely the type of work that I’m happiest doing.

How would you describe your drawing style?

Rigid! Haha.

I’ve spent so long trying to develop a looser style, but have concluded that it’s just not me.I’ve been advised to try cartooning whilst inebriated, but I’m yet to try that method.

Goodness knows what Jasper would get up to in my cartoons then!

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

It’s a huge part of who I am.

No matter what else is going on in your life on any given day, a dog is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

I’m unashamedly besotted with dogs.

Is there a specific market that are more drawn to your illustrations, or a specific country/ continent, that you market to?

Although I do quite a lot of work for small businesses, it’s pet owners that commission me the most.

I think it’s because when I market and post on social media, I’m a pet owner first, and a business owner second.

The unique selling point of my pet caricatures is that I focus as much on capturing each pet’s personality in the cartoons, as I do on their appearance.

Dogs are fantastic in so many ways, and every dog is so unique, that it would be a waste to just show what they looked like.

My work is split fairly even between the U.S and the U.K, although I do occasionally get commissions from other countries such as Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada.

I love that aspect of working online, because I get to meet so many people from different countries and life experiences, with one thing in common, which is their love for dogs.

What has been your greatest achievement to date? 

I would say that it is more of a blessing than an achievement really, but there are a few people who have loved their cartoons so much that they have had my cartoons tattooed on their bodies, which is a huge privilege!

I love the process at the end of each cartoon drawing when I hear back from the client about how excited and delighted they are with their piece.

And the tattoos have been an achievement because these people genuinely love their cartoons, which makes me feel really good about myself and the work that I am doing.

How do you constantly come up with new and original content for your designs?

The dogs themselves do most of the work for me!

Every dog has a uniqueness about them, and it’s my job to identify this and turn this into a cartoon.

When someone commissions me to do a pet caricature scene for them, in addition to asking them for photos, I send them a questionnaire to complete about the personality of their dog(s).

I then put all of this information into a spreadsheet and work on using this to create a unique and special scene for my customers, to bring their best friend(s) to life in a cartoon that they are guaranteed to appreciate and love forever.

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