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Mini my Baby

Meet Julia and her dogs Mini and Bella.

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

Being a pet owner is very important to me and I’m the type of person to spoil my dogs like crazy by treating them like they’re my children,
It is essentially my priority to make sure that they are healthy and happy at all times and when my dogs are happy, I’m happy!
What made you choose to adopt Mini and Bella?
When we first adopted Bella (the Bichpoo) my family and I wanted an intelligent small lap dog, which is what incited the search.
We searched for what seemed like forever until one day we came across Bella who was a small, hyperalgesic dog who doesn’t shed, which was a bonus. 
It was from that day that we knew she would be the perfect addition to our family.
We didn’t really have a choice in the matter of adopting Mini because she was my friend’s dog and because they couldn’t keep her, I decided to take her in for a night.
One night turned into two, then three, and so on, until we eventually adopted her into our family but at the beginning my mum wouldn’t even let her into the house, because she was so adamant that she didn’t want another dog.
However, within the first few hours of pet sitting Mini she began to fall in love with her and within days we were visiting PetSmart.
Do Mini and Bella get along?
They do get along really well, and lucky enough, they actually don’t fight either.
But Bella still hasn’t forgiven me for bringing Mini home.  
Bella is Mini’s favourite thing on this planet and she treats her like she is her best friend.
But Bella on the other hand just tolerates Mini, and its still clear and very evident that Bella is still annoyed by her.
Occasionally I catch them cuddling though, which is quite cute.

What made you decide to start a social media account for your pets?

We find Mini very entertaining and both of my dogs are so adorable, so I decided to open up an account for them, so I can share them with friends and family.
It has also been a great way to keep track of all the photos and videos I have of them.
But I never expected the account to get popular!
What made you choose the names Mini and Bella?
My parents happened to choose the name for both dogs.
They chose the name Bella because it means beautiful in French and Mini had lots of name changes throughout the first year of her life!
We could never decide on a name, but my mum always called her Mini, so eventually it just stuck.
Have you always been a pet owner?
I have had a cat and a few other small critters growing up.
I think I will always be a pet owner, because I don’t know who I would be without pets!


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