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Mittens the IG Kitten

Meet Leanna, the lucky owner of Mittens the IG Kitten! 

What are the benefits of having Mittens on social media?

First and foremost, other people can take joy in the cute and hilarious things she does, which spreads happiness to others and brightens their day.

I also find it amazing how this shared love for animals has no borders or limitations.

Social media has allowed Mittens, a Californian kitten to have friends from all over the world including, but not limited to, Australia, Germany, Japan and Indonesia, which I find incredible! 

Why did you decide to start up a social media account for Mittens?

Originally, I opened up a social media page for Mittens to share her funny photos with friends and family.

Her name is MittenstheIGKitten because she is the apartment complex cat from International Gardens.

But IG can also stand for Instagram which has strongly impacted the amount of users who continue to follow her everyday.

Does the name Mittens have any significance to you?

Mittens was originally supposed to be named Katarina, so she could be nicknamed Kat the cat.

We got some negative feedback about this, even though we personally found it hilarious.

So on the day we went to pick her up, we still hadn’t officially decided on a name for her.

Her foster mom had been calling her Amber, because of her stunning eyes, but it wasn’t her eyes that stood out to me, it was her adorable soft white paws.

I referred to her as Mittens because of thisand then the name just stuck.


What is the story behind adopting Mittens?

For two years my boyfriend Cody and I had been wanting a cat.

Originally, we wanted an older cat that we would know the temperament of and one that wouldn’t have as much energy as a kitten.

Cody’s sister knew of a foster mum who was taking care of a few cats before they went to a humane shelter.

And she sent us pictures of all the cats and recommended Mittens because of her calm temperament.

After a few weeks, even though Mittens was only one-years-old at the time, we decided that she was the cat for us and took a trip down to Los Angeles to go and retrieve her from the humane shelter.

When we picked her up, she had just gotten out of spay surgery, and because she had been taken away from her two kittens, she was terrified.

She hid under couches and beds for a whole week, before she really warmed up to us.

At one point we went searching through our neighbourhood for her because we thought she was lost, only to find that she had stuck herself in a crevice under the couch!


What does being a pet owner mean to you?

We refer to Mittens as our first child.

It is a huge responsibility to be a pet owner but also a huge blessing.

Sometimes things happen, for example, she throws up or gets fleas and this requires immediate work and attention on our behalf.

But we also come home to her sweet love, affection, and meows that makes having her in our family all the worth while.

What is something Mittens can’t live without?

Mittens cannot live without people!

Weirdly enough, unlike other cats Mittens loves to be around people. She runs to the door to greet us whenever we get home.

She will follow us to whatever room we are in, or sit outside the bathroom door waiting for us to give her attention and will meow and cry if we have been out of the house for too long.

She also scratches on our legs until we pick her up and hold her, because she just loves being around us!

What is the cheekiest thing she has ever done?

Mittens loves plants!

And we have a beautiful plant in which the vines dangle down perfectly from, hanging from the second story of our home.

One day Mittens was walking along the ledge that overlooks the first story, and she lost her balance.

Because of this, she quickly grabbed onto one of the vines coming off the plant and kept clawing at it to have something to hold onto.

But she feel and ripped off all the leaves as well.

Long story short. Mittens was safe and hadn’t injured herself after this fall, but we did end up with a pretty shredded and damaged plant.




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