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Diane Glem

Read the incredibly moving and inspirational story of Diane Glem, whose work is a true representation of what it means to be a voice for the voiceless.

Diane advocates and networks to save dogs in high kill shelters.

And as a proud member of Ruff Start Rescue, she has built a strong community of fellow animal advocates, who all share in her dream – which is to make a difference. 

As an advocate I have always been interested in animal welfare and raising awareness about animal cruelty.

Even as a young girl, I cared for abandoned animals that I found in the neighbourhood and helped nurse them back to good health.

My mother was always supporting my efforts and would help me rescue the neglected pets that others turned away, and would help me find them a suitable home.

This is what has driven me to continue being their voice.

There are so many wonderful aspects of being a pet owner and it’s so important for me to be the best and most caring pet owner I can be.

To me, being a pet owner means nothing other than providing them with stability, comfort, good nutrition and most importantly, lots of love.

I believe pets give us a sense of what it means to care for something that gives back unconditional love.

They provide a gentle, peaceful sense of well-being and pets have been proven to lengthen the lives of seniors and the sick. And to me that says a lot.

I knew years ago that our shelters were filling up as people’s lives began to increasingly become busier and people didn’t have time for their pets.

In particular, senior pets.

Five years ago I installed Instagram and I started uploading photos of dogs sitting alone and scared in these shelters from Miami to New York and across the nation all the way to California.

I immediately knew I wanted to help make a difference.

As I became more involved I found myself connecting with more advocates that shared the same passion as I did, which connected me to shelters and rescues all over the United States.

This helped me develop an incredible system of connecting like-minded advocates, which in turn helps the shelter dogs we are trying to save, as we all support the same cause.

We achieve our goals by raising awareness through daily networking and working methodically on a particular shelter dog that has been put on the euthanasia list, which is not only stressful, but very time-consuming.

Many of us advocates that have been doing this for a very long time do this by reposting images of the dogs we are saving, emailing rescue centres, looking for foster homes and raising pledges for a registered reputable rescue to adopt the dog into their care.

I have a strong passion for senior dogs as I have cared for three, but sadly lost two this January.

But I continue to try to highlight the benefits of adopting a senior pet to people I meet and to my followers because they are house trained, tolerant, gentle and a grateful companion.
I spent three years dedicating myself to networking dogs on a national level and I realised I wanted to do more locally here in my own state. 
I started researching local rescues and found Ruff Start Rescue Minnesota to be an
excellent company to volunteer for.
I have been with Ruff Start Rescue for almost two years now, conducting home checks for potential adopters, transporting pets and working in wellness/vetting clinics, which helps the community receive low-cost veterinarian care to benefit their pets health.
I also enjoy being an adoption event leader, which gives our foster pets lots of exposure.
These events also give me the opportunity to talk to the community about
what it means to be a foster parent and how fostering saves lives.
It’s exciting to get out into the community and share my passion with others that share the same beliefs as I do, and discuss volunteer opportunities with them.
I enjoy discussing Animal Welfare issues with community members and ways we can work together and continue to make changes for the better, to benefit companion animals.
In the past couple of years I have noticed more advocates joining this crusade to help animals in need and I believe that through the power of social media dogs in our shelters have been getting more exposure.
Yet, we still struggle with smaller towns and rural areas trying to get them on the same level of exposure. But this is something we are working on.
As we move into the new year, I have loved seeing many rescuers continue their networking efforts by bringing awareness to the many healthy, beautiful and adoptable dogs that are just waiting to be loved.
But they are stuck in our broken, flawed system.
This system will continue to stay broken until our legislation and our state representatives get on board and push for stricter laws against animal abusers.
They also need to enforce laws for every city promoting spaying and neutering. 
I personally would like to see more programs implemented in our communities for low-cost vetting.
As well as education programs in our schools, aimed at teaching children about the importance of showing compassion towards animals.
I would also like to see food shelves for pets established, so low-income families are not forced to get rid of their pets. 
Most importantly, I would love to see programs for seniors citizens created, to assist them in getting their companion animals to the vet, grooming appointments and anything else they need.
I believe we can all take part and make a difference in our own community by reaching out to local governments and spreading awareness through lots of communication with family members, friends and co-workers.
It’s all about taking an active role in being a compassionate citizen .

Diane Glem 

Instagram: @dixie812 and @dixies.old.souls


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  1. More people in this world should be like Diane. She truly is an inspiration to all of humankind. It’s people like her that will make a difference to the voiceless. If we all take some part in the way animals are treated maybe we could see A difference and end the useless suffering of our beautiful animals. Thank you Diane for all you do. You truly are an angel here on earth.


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