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Peanut the Hog

Meet Amber, the lucky owner of Peanut, an adorable six-month-old hedgehog from New Jersey.

Why did you decide to buy a hedgehog?

Honestly, buying a hedgehog was a spur of the moment thing!
I wanted another pet and I came across a picture of a hedgehog online. I then made some calls, and later that night I decided to buy Peanut!
Does the name Peanut have any significance to you?
I looked at Peanut and he was so tiny and I remember saying at the time “you’re my little peanut”.
From that day on the name just stuck!
image_6546160 4

What inspired you to open up a shop on Etsy?

I’m a very crafty person and I was interested in making my own personalised snuggle sacks and other accessories for Peanut, rather than buying them online.

Once I started to get the hang of it, I found a real market for online hedgehog accessories and decided that I should try to sell my products on Etsy.

Have you always loved animals?

Yes! I’ve always been an animal person.
I’ve owned all sorts of animals from cats, dogs, fish, bunnies, and I have even owned two horses.
Oh and of course, Peanut my hedgehog.
image_6546160 5

Why did you decide to make Peanut a social media account?

I take so many pictures of Peanut and I felt silly posting these photos on my personal social media accounts.
But at the same time I really wanted to show him off because I think he’s just so cute!
I decided to make him his own account for other hedgehog lovers to follow, and it was one of the greatest decision I’ve ever made because we’ve made so many friends along the way.
What does Peanut mean to you?
Peanut is honestly the best pet I could have ever asked for.
I definitely lucked out with him because he’s very playful and loves to cuddle!
Buying a hedgehog can be a bit expensive but I have absolutely no regrets about it, because it’s the best decision I have ever made.


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