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Princess Penelope Frenchie

Penelope is a glamorous Frenchie from California, with a fabulous sense of style that she gets from her owner Camryn.

Why did you decide to buy a Frenchie?

I was in the hospital for a month and they never really found out what was wrong with me. Basically the doctors said that my symptoms were something I was going to have to learn to deal with.
My therapist decided that it would be a great idea to get a dog.
She knew how much I loved animals and thought that getting a dog would help me cope with the pain.
I knew I wanted to get a little dog, but I didn’t really know what breed I wanted.
At first I thought about getting a Yorkie or a Pomeranian.
But after I looked up pictures of baby French Bulldogs online, I instantly fell in love and knew that a Frenchie would be the perfect dog for me!
Where did you purchase Penelope from?
I found a breeder online who had pictures of a much older Frenchie on her website.
She was super cute and the website said she was going to have babies soon!
We got in contact with the breeder who was from Copperopolis, California and went to visit the babies when they were only a couple of weeks old.
I knew I wanted a girl which made the decision easier, and I have always wanted a small dog, so I picked the tiniest baby Frenchie, who turned out to be Penelope. 

What is the cheekiest thing she has ever done?

When Penelope and her brother were about six-months-old my mum went into the garage to walk on the treadmill.
She shut the door, and they both sat by the door and cried.
After they realized that she wasn’t going to let them into the garage they started gnawing and chewing on the baseboard by the door.
By the time my mum was back inside the entire door was destroyed!
What made you choose the name Penelope?
I have always loved the name Penelope and I knew that when I finally adopted a dog I wanted to name her Penelope.
Penelope is such a girly girl and when she was a pup she would run around in tiny little dresses, so the name really suits her. 
What does being a pet owner mean to you?
Being a pet owner is more than being a person who has a pet.
It means that you get to have a best friend who loves you more than they love themselves.
I would never give up the opportunity to care for and love my little Penelope! She means the word to me!


If you could be any pet, what would you be and why?

I would be either a dog or a tortoise.
I would choose to be a tortoise because I think it would be great to live a really long life.
In contrast, I would choose to be a dog because I think it would be cool, and because I would get to stay home all day which means I wouldn’t have to go to work or school.
Why did you decide to create a social media account for Penelope?
I have been following dogs on Instagram way before I even purchased Penelope.
I knew from the moment I brought her home that making a social media account would be a fun experience, because it would allow me to communicate with other dog owners.
I have also enjoyed building long-lasting friendships from Penelope’s social media account and I love being able to share her adventures with the rest of the world.
Penelope has so many amazing friends who we are so thankful for!

How do you customize her feed to differ from other pet accounts?

Her feed is full of fun and silly photos!
I also post videos every once in a while.  Some accounts have a theme for their feed but at the moment I choose to post pictures I think people will enjoy and photos that will make people smile or laugh.



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