Cheeky Chops Bowties and Accessories

Larissa is the founder of Cheeky Chop Shop and a proud mum of two adorable little pups, who have become her models.


Based in Western Sydney, Larissa works as a receptionist full time and also enjoys sewing.

But her passion lies in making dog accessories.

She has established her business through social media, but has kept it going through her quality products and her passion for all things dogs.





How did you come up with the name Cheeky Chops?

I came up with the name pretty easily.
Once I decided I wanted to start developing a business on Instagram I knew my cheeky dog would have to be involved.
He was my inspiration for the business and the name.

My dog Chopper has always been a trouble maker (in a cheeky sense), so ever since he was a puppy we nicknamed him Cheeky Chops.

When I started making bow ties he seemed to love the products and instantly became the obvious choice for a brand ambassador and model.

And then I had the idea to name the shop Cheeky Chops so he could really be apart of the journey and a reflection of the products.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.16.36 pm

Where did the idea to make bow ties and dog accessories originate from?

I buy a lot of items from Instagram shops for my two pups Chopper and Rossi.
These range from treats to accessories!
I even support other shops that make similar accessories, because it is such a creative outlet and I love supporting Australian companies.
I equally love spoiling my dogs!

Do you own any pets?

I have two dogs, a six-year old English Staffy named Rossi, and a three-year old Jug (¾ Pug and ¼ Jack Russell) named Chopper.
They are both happy to test and model my products, and look so cute in my bowties and accessories!
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.29.28 pm

What makes Cheeky Chop products so special?

Every Cheeky Chop product is hand made to order and completely customisable.
If you want a little bling, two contrasting fabrics, or multi-sided accessories, we can accommodate to your needs.
Plus, all of our patterned fabrics are limited edition because we are constantly updating our range.
I even have special one of a kind fabrics during festivities such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, so you can dress your pet up all year round!
I also organize fundraisers occasionally, so you know your purchase is contributing  towards a local business that gives back to the animal community.
When you buy a Cheeky Chop Shop bow tie or bandana, you can be rest assured that it is a unique, one of a kind product, that will look fabulous on your pet!
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.16.29 pm

How do you come up with original concepts for your designs?

I love fabric shopping, and I always look for bright or unusual patterns, to make sure my work is always original, fresh and exciting.
I balance this by looking for more trendy fabrics and what is most popular at the time, because these products tend to sell really well.
The same thing goes for “themed” occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.
I try and stay on trend, whilst also trying to ensure that my designs are innovative, creative and truly one of a kind.

What does being a pet owner mean to you?

I love being a pet owner and Chopper and Rossi never fail to brighten up my day.
My boys are practically family, and they are always by my side, whether they are outside playing with me or snuggled up watching a movie on the couch next to me.
Being a pet owner means that it is up to me to feed them to the best of my ability, making sure they are healthy and fit, and of course, ensuring that they are always dressed to impress!



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