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Pets are Welcome: Changes in Victorian Renting Laws

Good news if you are both a pet owner and a renter in Victoria.

The Victorian Government is undertaking a review of the Residential Tenancies Act to provide tenants with more security and increased rights and freedoms.

And this legislation will have a particular section dedicated to increasing the rights of pet owners.

If the changes being discussed are implemented, tenants will be able to rent a property with pets, by acquiring written consent from their landlord.

Pets can only be rejected, with the exception of assistance dogs, if there is reasonable ground or reason not to allow them to reside on the property.

Announced on the 8th October 2017, the reforms will be introduced and discussed in Parliament this year, with changes aimed to be implemented in 2019.

Along with changes to pet ownership laws within Victoria, other legislations such as allowing tenants to slightly modify their properties, will also be discussed in the review.

Currently, within Victoria there are no rules regarding pet ownership in rental properties, which is why so many tenants outright just ban pets without reasonable clause.

If a pet causes damage to a property a landlord can issue a notice of Breach of Duty, and in extreme cases this can result in the termination of a pet.

These implementations are aimed at providing all tenants, and particularly pet owners within Victoria, increased rights and freedoms.

And this extends to being able to own pets whilst renting property.

So it’s a great day to celebrate in the pet community!

Pets make up such a huge component of our lives, and they are finally being recognised as being part of our families. 

It is also much easier said then done when landlords order tenants to just “get rid of it.”

Which is why this progress in the rental market is so exciting, because it means more Victorians can now adopt pets! And with 1 in 4 Victorians renting, this will make a huge difference and impact to shelters around the state.

Comment your thoughts below on this controversial topic. We would love to know what you think.


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