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Liza Callen

Meet animal communicator Liza Callen. 

How did you find yourself getting into the Pet Psychic industry?

I’ve always heard animals, ever since I was a very small child.

I thought everyone could hear them. I didn’t know any different.

I think my parents must have told me at some stage, or told me to be quiet about it. So, I’ve never really studied this. I’ve just heard them.

I was working for a lot of years doing alternative natural healing on many people and lived in the States at that time.

But since I was a little girl, I’ve also been able to see spirits, but I’m not sure why because it doesn’t run in the family.

You said the first time you knew you had this gift, you were a child. Were you scared at the time, because you didn’t understand what was happening?

For me, there wasn’t really much support and you don’t really expect it after a short while because you don’t get it. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, but I just kept doing it because it was a bigger force.

So I was quiet about it.

There would be times where I would see light beams, or hear some anonymous person  say “help me” and I would immediately (because I didn’t know what to do) tell them to go to the light!

When a rescue animal has been totally traumatised by previous owners, I deeply apologise for that situation. It’s almost like an amazing therapy session.

And apart from the deep apologising on the humans behalf, I tell them to let it go because they have a new home now. But I also have to deal with situations that merge from this. 

For example, quite often rescue dogs tell me that they want a different name.

They don’t want the name that their last difficult owner gave them. That’s an auditory thing. But it shifts their whole nature almost immediately.


Does this extend to finding lost pets?

One time there was a lost cat and I could smell Asian food. And I asked if there was an Asian restaurant nearby and the owners assured me that there was one a few blocks away.

I was 17,000 km away on the phone and I could smell it!

I said I think she (the cat) is in the trash looking for food. And so the owners went to the restaurant, and there she was.

So with lost pets, I get visuals.

I use all their senses like hearing. For example they might be near a freeway.

And then I make a suggestion, if they are not too far away, for example, making a stamp trail.

This means cutting up an old t-shirt that has been used and is smelly.

I then instruct people to cut the t-shirt up into two-inch squares and put a little rock on top and maybe a piece of pebble and place them at five to twenty metres from each other, depending on which area they are in.

The very last thing I do for a lost pet is look at a map because I don’t ask the pet where they are, because they’re lost and don’t know where they are.

I check internally if they are north or north-west a few times, to get a strong sense of direction and an approximate distance.

I’m quite good at that.

Of course, I can’t get every lost pet home because sometimes things happen beyond our control.

But I get a lot home even in different countries. If they are English or Spanish-speaking families I can do it, because I can read the street signs.

Is there a particular country where most off your customers are from?

I would say the majority are from Australia.

But I spend a lot of time in Peru and I do lots of volunteer work here because everyone is so poor. Sometimes I get people from Canada or the Untied Arab Emirates.

It just depends.

I always tell people not to pay anything until they send a photo of the lost animal, the owners and their exact address, so I can locate where they are lost from.

And their name and age. Because visuals are really important for animals.

But its something I’ve just developed. I’ve found that there’s a real need for this because people get really desperate when their animals go missing.

And for a while, I wasn’t even charging people because it was so complicated and I thought I had to get every animal home.

But I spend hours even before I talk to them, trying to find their pet. So I started charging. I never promise anybody anything, of course.

How do you conduct sessions over Skype?

I just close my eyes and tune in!

I’ve worked with animals in the Condor Sanctuary and in the Amazon, and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

I find that if I want to tune into anything, unless I’ve got a big emotional block, I can just do it.

I’ve never thought of it as being a problem.

I live in Australia, in the Sunshine Coast, but I find that most of my clients don’t live there. Most are calling from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or Western Australia.

And it works exactly the same!

Cuzco art, mamacitas and llamas 017.JPG

Is there a particular breed of animal you find you most commonly deal or connect with?

No, I can talk to any animal. Tomorrow I am talking to camels for the first time!

But I’ve done rats, ferrets, you name it.

I even tell flies to fly out the window and they do. Not always straight away!

Out of curiosity, does this gift extend to humans as well?

I’ve always been able to do aura readings on people and their past lives and I’m a sound healer too. I’m multi-phonic but I call it sell singing.

I can do some pretty amazing healing with sounds in my voice from dissolving tumours to breaking down pain.

I get a person to set their intention and then there’s no set notes.

Multi-phonic just means singing two or three notes in one note. And I have been doing that for years because spirit told me, when I was in my twenties, that you can heal the body through sound.

So I use that on animals, and that has been really powerful because they all react differently.

Some go to sleep, but I’ve also had a whole heap of horses race to stand next to me.

Or a whole flock of birds will just come down and hover around me when I’m singing in the mountains and I’m not even calling them!

It really helps with anxiety and chilling out. You really get in the zone with it.

I’m very sensitive, so I have to put up an energy protection because I don’t want to be picking up everyone’s stuff all the time.

Why would I do that when I’m just enjoying myself or having a nice day?

I am always a big helper, but I can’t be continuously picking up on people’s energy, because people get stressed out and it’s too much for me.

Has your gift impacted your life negatively?

When I was a child it was scary.

Especially at night which was why I didn’t like going to sleep. I was a real intensive sports person, because I had to exhaust myself to get to sleep quickly.

So that was tricky.

I had to tell myself it’s not going to go away so I learnt to accept it and use it in the best way possible. 

What has it been like living in Peru?

I feel terribly sorry for all the dogs here and it took me a while to work out how to approach them and communicate with them.

Instead of seeing them as victims which I did when I first moved here, which they immediately picked up on, I told them that it is amazing how they are living and to make sure that in their next life its with a family. Or in a country where they can get taken care of.

It’s really sad, because they don’t live long in Peru.

So I had to change my attitude, so that I could walk down the street without worrying about every dog and cat or any other creature that was here.

I shifted my perception and you could feel the difference in my energy.



In regards to the readings you conduct, what are the most common issues you come across?

I would say there’s a lot of anxiety.

Sometimes if there’s a mixture of animals in the home that can be tricky as well, because one animal might beat up the other, which is fairly common.

But anxiety that can manifest in fear and aggression or miserable depression, or even separation anxiety is easily overcome.

For example, you are going away for the weekend.

Because animals are really in touch with nature, what you would do a couple of days before, is say to your pet, “I am going away”, which is best said silently so you can start picking up what they say back.

If you are going away for two nights and three days, I would get the person to visualise a sun then a night sky with stars. And then a sun and a night sky with stars. And then another sun, and then say “I will be back after that”.

Or if it is for a month, you can do seven of these and then a times four symbol for your pet to understand.

Anxiety also comes from a stronger animal or an alpha, who notices when their family members come home stressed out.

So they would take on this stress if the person can’t handle it themselves.

All you have to say to them is “don’t worry about me” because some animals will tell me everything that is going on within a home.

Such as, the son has no friends at school or the father hates his job.

I have even had a dog say “your grandfather has a bad heart and you need to get the wife to convince him to go to the hospital”. 

We think just because they are dogs and cats and birds that they don’t understand. And they don’t really understand the full complexity of human behaviour, but they do understand an awful lot in a simply profound way.

You just never know what they are going to say.

Nobody else in your family has the same gift?

No, they are more intellectual. So no, it’s a soul thing.

Do you find you come across lots of people who are sceptical and how do you overcome this?

I don’t really take any notice because people come to me when they are fairly desperate. They are reasonably open-minded which is why they come.

I need their permission and the animals permission.

And I’m fairly sceptical myself, so it doesn’t bother me.

I don’t go around creating big belief systems about animal communication and I try to keep it real simple. It is the most normal thing in the world for me to do. 

If a person is open, I don’t care if they are sceptical, because its fine.

If they are sceptical then they wouldn’t bother contacting me.

Do you think people come to you because they sense something wrong with their pet or is it out of curiosity?

No they definitely have issues!

Most have tried an animal psychologist or a trainer first which I don’t get offended by.

The vet might have also not been able to work out whats wrong, so I think that they are at a point where they seriously need to help their pet so they come to me.

Lastly, can you please elaborate on the Path of Light?

This is just one technique I use to find lost pets.

Dogs and cats, but particularly cats, can find their way with a grid because they are much more connected to nature and the earth than we realise.

I get them on the Path of Light and tell them to push out all the love for half a minute, 6-8 times a day. This helps me become a GPS for them.

It just needs to be done with a clear intention, and doesn’t have to be perfect.

And usually they can find their way home, especially if they are not too far.

I just sort of made up the light thing because I wanted to create something visual for the cat and a GPS system.

If you put your love out there in a positive space and energy it usually works, which is why it is the technique that I use in quite a lot of lost animal cases.


Liza Callen can be contacted online via her website The Pet Psychic. 

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