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Picking the Ideal Pet Name

The name you choose for your pet will stay with them for literally the rest of their life. Crazy stuff huh.

Which is why it is so important that you put a bit of thought and effort into naming your pet! So here is some advice we have come up with below to help make this process easier:


Keep it simple

There is nothing wrong with naming a black cat Midnight. Or naming your Hamster Tiny. Using generic names that are specific to your breed of pet are great time savers! 

Keeping it simple is perfect advice for people who don’t have time to put much thought into what they want to name their pet. 

And if your pet doesn’t have a stand out physical trait or personality characteristic, and if there’s nothing else you desperately want to name them, then keeping it simple is the way to go.

Keep it short. 

Pets respond better to names that are one or two syllables long. And because you will be calling out their name so often, you will find this tip very helpful.

The best advice is to give your pet a name that is short, sharp and sweet.

Choose names that don’t rhyme with words and phrases that you will use with your pet on a daily basis. For example, Joe rhymes with “no”, so it’s probably best to stay clear from names like this.

Don’t over complicate things. 

Don’t name your pet something complicated or something you would be embarrassed to call out in public.

It is safe to assume that if you call your pet something really wild, political, insulting or very distinctive, people are going to ask questions. So you just need to determine how often you can be bothered answering those questions.

It should make sense. 

You can be super generic with the name and call your rabbit Bunny, but what about when it’s not a bunny anymore?  Or if you call your cat Kittens, then this won’t really make much sense when their older.

Study your pet. 

A helpful tip is to wait a few days and study your pet and any specific characteristics or traits they may have. Whether it be physical or part of its personality.

For instance, if your pet has a spot on them, you could call them Spots. Or if their a bit silly, call them Goofy. These work great as pet names.

Steal it. 

Another idea is to steal it. The name I mean!

Browse through Petbar or stalk your favourite celebrity pets and get some inspiration for your very own fur-friend.

Foods/ Flowers.

Flowers and food are really good categories that make excellent pet names!

Think along the lines of Cinnamon, Peaches, Sugar, Daisy, Rose and other cute short names that can suit a variety of pets.


Get Creative. 

There is nothing wrong with straying from super generic pet names!

This means that you will have a great story to tell when people ask “why did you choose that name?”. 

Being a pet owner is something to be proud of, and if the name of your pet is significant to you, then try to think outside the box.

Name your pet your favourite food, colour, destination, sports team or something random and wild that is distinctive to you and your personality.

Japanese have some really great pet names that are worth looking into if you want something a bit different. And they usually have some meaning behind them as well.

For example, Haruki means shining sun and Toshi means wise. And what do both of these words have in common? They would be paw-some pet names!


Be Inspired. 

Use your own life and experiences as inspiration! Your favourite soccer team, football player, food or brand of clothing could make excellent pet names!



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