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Most Popular Pets Around the Globe

Want to know a fun fact?

The world’s most popular pet isn’t a dog. Nor is it a cat. Bunny? Nope.

Take another guess.

The most popular pet in the world is actually a fish!

According to statistics from Pet Secure gathered in 2017, fish are the most popular pets in the USA, with almost 60 million households owning one or more fish.

Second is France, with 38 million and in third place comes Brazil, with just over 25 million people owning a fish.

Even small countries like Greece have caught onto the trend, with almost 40,000 people owning a fish!

The second most popular type of pet around the world are birds.

Birds are most popular in Brazil with almost 200 million households owning one or more species of birds.

Coming in second is Italy at 13 million and then the USA with almost 9 million.

But owning a pet in general is a growing trend across the globe.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association, 44% of people own one or more pet, which equates to 12 million households.

And these 12 million households look after approximately 54 million pets, which is an outstanding statistic!

Dogs, cats, reptiles, domestic fowl such as turkey, chicken, hens, reptiles, guinea pigs and hamsters also rank quite high on the list.



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