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What Does Your Pet Say About Your Personality?

You know what they say about pets looking like their owners?

Well the same kinda rules also apply when it comes to personalities.

 And it makes sense when you really think about it. 

You choose a particular animal and breed based on your personality traits and personal preferences. Right down to the colour and behaviour of an animal, these are all subjective and pre-conceived notions that you subconsciously pre-determine before choosing a pet. 

And this process happens so suddenly, so quickly, you don’t even knows when or why it occurs.

So below we have come up with a few reasons why different types of people are drawn to particular animals, and what your pet says about who you are as a person. 


If you own a dog it is safe to say that you’re pretty mainstream. You crave love, affection and attention 24/7 and you always put your dogs needs first, so you could say that you’re pretty selfless. 

Regardless of the breed you own, your dog is better than every other dog in the universe, and you aren’t afraid to say this to everybody you meet. But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of boasting and some healthy competition, right?


You’re super busy and just wanted a pet that is cute, fluffy and cuddly but one that doesn’t require too much work. And its also a well-known fact that all geniuses own cats, because what other pet fits into their super busy work schedule?

People who own cats also tend to be more introverted, quiet and calm.


You want a pet, but can’t be bothered actually looking after a pet. This doesn’t mean you’re lazy but you might just have other priorities in life.

Like a social life? Or work obligations? Or hobbies and activities?

If you own a fish, you’re just a super busy person who likes the idea of having a pet, but doesn’t have the time or finances to do so.


You just think they’re cute. Your friends and family all own dogs and cats, but you’re not about that life. So you bought yourself a rabbit. And you always ‘rabbit’ in every chance you get. 


You have a strong respect for nature and being outdoors. You probably like hiking, or if thats too physically demanding for you, you enjoy long walks on the beach. You know your birds quite well, and can tell the difference between different types of breeds just by looking at them, or by hearing them chirp. You have a spacious home, and are generally a very patient, and introverted person.


You probably live on a farm and want to show city people just how cool country people can be. You’ve been riding horses since you were old enough to walk. And while everybody at school wanted the new Tamagotchi, all you ever wanted was a pony. Literally.

Horse owners also tend to be very placid and calm, and also super competitive.


You’ve watched Stuart Little like a million times and think that owning a mouse is the coolest thing in the world. You are definitely the loud, extravert in your group who does random things like booking spontaneous getaways. You probably even just left the house to get milk and came back with your pet mice. 


You are just a super random person. You love watching the National Geographic channel and are obsessed with all things lizards. You even had a t-shirt made saying “I Love Lizards”. You have a really quirky personality, love nature and adore being outdoors. And you are a real simple, quiet person, with a very colourful personality. Just like your pet lizard.


You generally just find hamsters cute. Hamsters are really introverted and are happy living in solitude and quiet. So you thought they would be a good low maintenance pet to look after. You love the “aw cute” reaction you get when you tell people you own a hamster, and they’re cute, small and super fluffy. So what’s not to love?



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